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2010 and the end of end seasons void!

Some of you have been justly nagging and complaining, about wanting to read another post. Here it is: the "end of the year Blog": everything you haven´t seen, everything you haven´t read about, everything I have eaten and not shared with you, in the year 2010. And it is to be an extensive post, as to give you an excuse over the holidays to escape from cluttering and clustering relatives, Continue reading →

Scuderia Hanseat: Discofox in hell..

Many of you know that my most beloved Nordschleife, is nicknamed „green hell“. Now I don't know about you, but I used to think this highly unjust, instead of hell, it was „not quite so green“ heaven for me.
"Joy of driving": are they joking?PHohoho! How naive! And if you believe the name “green“: shame on you too! Because last week, at the Driving school of “Scuderia Hanseat“ on Nuerburgring Continue reading →

VIVE LA FRANCE! Tour Auto 2010

At the danger of being committed of high treason, of being quartered and stoned, tortured boiled and eaten. At the danger of no-one in this Country ever speaking to me again. At the danger of never being allowed back on Nordschleife (terrible thought), I have to say it: nothing really NOTHING compares to the Tour Auto!
Even the press does it in style Continue reading →

10 greatest Gifts for petrol heads

Are you one of those 80 million people totally at loss when it comes to gifts, to the beloved? Or are you one of those millions frustrated every time your beloved gives you something because they get it sooooo wrong? (Colour makes you look like a very sick zombie,size is XXXXLLLLL, technical gadget so uncool you look like the “manager of the week” in some fast food place?)Be gentle, make it easy for them Continue reading →

Why it´s better to be a woman when you run in an engine.

Remember last time I promised you a surprise? Here it is: the „Kobold Racer“! A „Kobold“, apart from being also a Kobold in English, is the name of the most famous German vacuum cleaner. The sorts of machine housewives usually fiddle around with, producing horrendous noise, wild movement, and lots of unrest, mild panic, Continue reading →