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Anybody out there….

needing proof the racing a car is the sole functioning remedy against feeling like a Grottenolm?
(Don't ask: it's a foul creature, worm like, living underground in wet grottos,  blind, ugly, ungracious, slimy, and very probably pretty depressed..) One day on track with Kobold and I'm back to blogging. Uuuuaaaah! Proof enough? Continue reading →

Scuderia Hanseat: Discofox in hell..

Many of you know that my most beloved Nordschleife, is nicknamed „green hell“. Now I don't know about you, but I used to think this highly unjust, instead of hell, it was „not quite so green“ heaven for me.
"Joy of driving": are they joking?PHohoho! How naive! And if you believe the name “green“: shame on you too! Because last week, at the Driving school of “Scuderia Hanseat“ on Nuerburgring Continue reading →