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No? OK say it in French then. Still no? Start with “Zw“ Not like in “ZOO“ Like Zwingli the Swiss guy. In fact like “swiss“ only with a “Zet “in front of it. Or like: “verzweifelt“ (which I would be if I ever had to teach anybody anything) “Tsch“ as you say Dj in Djungle. “Gen“ as in “can“ if somebody from Saxonia would say it. “Da“ as in “Dark “ “tschi“ as in “J “ when you say juicy “ There you go. Brilliant. You ‘re fluent at german now. What a genius. Continue reading →

Spring! Time to let your toys out!

Are we all thinking the same? THANK GOD it´s spring again!!! For Classy, kind intelligent people like us April is doubly blissful: First time of the year to bring out our toys and cruise through sweet smelling fruit blossom; mmmhhh apple blossom with just a hint of hot engine oil. Perfect combination. And first time of the year where we start finding fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

How to defy this:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really had it with these Pictures! Every morning I look at the web cam of Nuerburgring and I see S-N-O-W. On the roads, in the Park, in the garden there is: arctic snow. It’s so cold I feel there is snow everywhere: in my bed, in the bathtub, on the sofa, on my desk and even on the stove. Not a sign of spring yet. How do YOU handle that? What are YOUR remedies against winter blues? Continue reading →