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Visual waltzing: Concours d`Elegance in Schwetzingen

How many of you know that Gemany ranks third on the List when it comes to Unesco World Heritage sites? Reading this a while ago astonished me: Us? The country of architectual War Wounds and quickly put up look-alike grey Cities? The Country which is left desolate when the summer holidays start and everyone runs away Continue reading →

Adac Bavaria Historic 2010: muß I denn, muß I denn zur Wertungsprüfung?

Bavaria est omnis divisa in partes Mille, quari tutti uncollunt "Wertungsprüfung“:
Bavaria is entirely divided in thousand parts, all of which are called “time Trials“.....Tragic.I took my 15 year old half Brother on his first Rally ever, and it almost became his last. Continue reading →

Spargelstrudel and „Frankfurter grüne Sauce“, which fell off the train in Cologne.

Have you asked yourself, how I will manage to strike a balance between the “Wheels“ part and the “meals“ part of my blog? So have I!
Sitting in our beautiful garden on a glorious spring day, children fed, playing happily, husband fed and reading peacefully I am agonising over a smooth transition between Continue reading →

Scuderia Hanseat: Discofox in hell..

Many of you know that my most beloved Nordschleife, is nicknamed „green hell“. Now I don't know about you, but I used to think this highly unjust, instead of hell, it was „not quite so green“ heaven for me.
"Joy of driving": are they joking?PHohoho! How naive! And if you believe the name “green“: shame on you too! Because last week, at the Driving school of “Scuderia Hanseat“ on Nuerburgring Continue reading →