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No? OK say it in French then. Still no? Start with “Zw“ Not like in “ZOO“ Like Zwingli the Swiss guy. In fact like “swiss“ only with a “Zet “in front of it. Or like: “verzweifelt“ (which I would be if I ever had to teach anybody anything) “Tsch“ as you say Dj in Djungle. “Gen“ as in “can“ if somebody from Saxonia would say it. “Da“ as in “Dark “ “tschi“ as in “J “ when you say juicy “ There you go. Brilliant. You ‘re fluent at german now. What a genius. Continue reading →

“E”-s it real?

The "big" bit of news, this year at Geneva was the final advent of the electric car. In the past " Vorsprung durch Technik" dictated what the market wanted. This has dramatically shifted in the last 2 years, as Consumer Expectation has forced the industry to look at what the client wants, Continue reading →