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12 Myths about Asparagus

With the Kobold Racer in the trenches ditch there is not much left to do but cooking.
OK: timing is not that bad, as it is this magical time of year again .
You will probably not credit me for being very original, but hey how can you not be taken in by May.
Even the most hard core junk food addict cannot avoid eating something fresh. Continue reading →

2010 and the end of end seasons void!

Some of you have been justly nagging and complaining, about wanting to read another post. Here it is: the "end of the year Blog": everything you haven´t seen, everything you haven´t read about, everything I have eaten and not shared with you, in the year 2010. And it is to be an extensive post, as to give you an excuse over the holidays to escape from cluttering and clustering relatives, Continue reading →