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7 Books which will make you go faster…

What is the hardest things for people to admit? Ever. Something that you will probably never hear from any man and many women in the world. Whilst they will admit to being old, ugly, overweight, nerdy, indebted, tasteless, vicious, thieves, addicted, they will admit to drug abuse, to betraying their spouses, to having been really mean to someone, they will NOT admit to one thing.They will Continue reading →

A Lady‘s secret Desires.

Do you know what Burlesque is? Och, ja? A playful erotic, theatrical way by which Women take their Clothes off without revealing it all? Nein.Burlesque is what Porsche does with their gorgeous Hybrid 918 RSR.Revealing a bit here, a bit there, showing a sexy curve, a delicious texture, giving it to us, taking it away again, dressing and undressing, cameras stroking it, inviting us to caress, Continue reading →