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Being overtaken by a st…. fish on the quest for THE Barbecue Sauce.

What do the innocent words „meat, fire, spices, herbs, salads, cold beer or cool rosé“ mean to you?
To me the Idea of a Barbecue alone, with tender, perfectly grilled steaks, their juices mixing with velvety rich melting Butter and freshly chopped herbs, does “pling plong pling“ on my taste buds. Continue reading →

How to defy this:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really had it with these Pictures! Every morning I look at the web cam of Nuerburgring and I see S-N-O-W. On the roads, in the Park, in the garden there is: arctic snow. It’s so cold I feel there is snow everywhere: in my bed, in the bathtub, on the sofa, on my desk and even on the stove. Not a sign of spring yet. How do YOU handle that? What are YOUR remedies against winter blues? Continue reading →