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Imagine you go to see a show in a museum, which screams and howls and growls. Which smells of hot dark oil, corduroy seats mingled with a lovely hint of uncatalysed petrol. A show NOT of halls and halls full of mysterious objects and incomprehensible paintings, a show where everybody faints with awe, and you as usual, you're not getting it and out of despair whisper "O-MI-GOD" in front of something weird Continue reading →

Against all odds: Bilster Berg.

In the year of our lord 1925, on September 27th the foundation stone of the greatest track in the world was laid: the Nuerburgring.
In the year 2011, on September 27th the foundation stone of another great track in the world was laid: Bilster Berg.
Against all doomsayers in this world predicting that the track would never be built, Continue reading →

Audi Urban Future Summit.

Curated by Stylepark
Despite my previous grumblings I still think this year ‘s IAA was more exiting than ever. Car makers have realised that the “ love affair between car and architecture as depicted by Le Corbusier “ (Christian Gärtner, Stylepark), the romance between man and machine has stalled. The romantic context within Continue reading →

7 Books which will make you go faster…

What is the hardest things for people to admit? Ever. Something that you will probably never hear from any man and many women in the world. Whilst they will admit to being old, ugly, overweight, nerdy, indebted, tasteless, vicious, thieves, addicted, they will admit to drug abuse, to betraying their spouses, to having been really mean to someone, they will NOT admit to one thing.They will Continue reading →