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Spring! Time to let your toys out!

Are we all thinking the same? THANK GOD it´s spring again!!! For Classy, kind intelligent people like us April is doubly blissful: First time of the year to bring out our toys and cruise through sweet smelling fruit blossom; mmmhhh apple blossom with just a hint of hot engine oil. Perfect combination. And first time of the year where we start finding fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

A Perfect winter‘s Sunday

Today is a perfect winter ‘s Sunday. Frost has turned our Garden into a pale fairy tale winter landscape, glittering in the pale morning sun. Perfect day for going on a long walk, frozen ground rustling under our feet, our spirits high and happy. Only to return tired, happy and hungry to a hot steaming soup, thick with pieces of intensely flavoured winter vegetables, eaten with large chunks of crusty bread, mountains of grated cheese, lifted by just a hint of fruity olive oil. Continue reading →

Being overtaken by a st…. fish on the quest for THE Barbecue Sauce.

What do the innocent words „meat, fire, spices, herbs, salads, cold beer or cool rosé“ mean to you?
To me the Idea of a Barbecue alone, with tender, perfectly grilled steaks, their juices mixing with velvety rich melting Butter and freshly chopped herbs, does “pling plong pling“ on my taste buds. Continue reading →

Spargelstrudel and „Frankfurter grüne Sauce“, which fell off the train in Cologne.

Have you asked yourself, how I will manage to strike a balance between the “Wheels“ part and the “meals“ part of my blog? So have I!
Sitting in our beautiful garden on a glorious spring day, children fed, playing happily, husband fed and reading peacefully I am agonising over a smooth transition between Continue reading →

“Autostammtisch” and what you miss when you don´t have one…

Hello. Have you heard of, or been to the „Technoclassica“ in Essen? A fair for everything which is desirable in classic car terms? No? Good!Don't go!!! It is dangerous! It will instantly spoil your character and fill you with unchristian greed. DON'T go. And please make sure that I will never go again too. Continue reading →

Who’s afraid of Wiener Schnitzel?

Are you?
I am.
Terrified even. I’d rather make a curry for an Indian Maharani, than a Wiener Schnitzel for ANYONE. The reason is the attitude, with which Austrians (who naturally can make Schnitzel since birth) say: “I make Wiener Schnitzel.” They make it sound like: “I do Nordschleife and Grand Prix Track in 8 minutes”. That’s truly Olympian. Continue reading →

How to defy this:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really had it with these Pictures! Every morning I look at the web cam of Nuerburgring and I see S-N-O-W. On the roads, in the Park, in the garden there is: arctic snow. It’s so cold I feel there is snow everywhere: in my bed, in the bathtub, on the sofa, on my desk and even on the stove. Not a sign of spring yet. How do YOU handle that? What are YOUR remedies against winter blues? Continue reading →

“E”-s it real?

The "big" bit of news, this year at Geneva was the final advent of the electric car. In the past " Vorsprung durch Technik" dictated what the market wanted. This has dramatically shifted in the last 2 years, as Consumer Expectation has forced the industry to look at what the client wants, Continue reading →