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A bunch of asparagus

To cut a long story short, …

... because it would take you to my favourite city in the world (Venice), via the biggest rip-off in the world (Harry´s Bar with yet the coolest bar furniture in the world (google it), to a better place to eat in my most loved city (“Polpo“), to my best friend who gave me 2 of the best cooking books in the world, “Harry´s Bar cookbook“,  and “Polpo“, in which I found the ultimate method to prepare my favourite food (at least for the moment). Continue reading →


No? OK say it in French then. Still no? Start with “Zw“ Not like in “ZOO“ Like Zwingli the Swiss guy. In fact like “swiss“ only with a “Zet “in front of it. Or like: “verzweifelt“ (which I would be if I ever had to teach anybody anything) “Tsch“ as you say Dj in Djungle. “Gen“ as in “can“ if somebody from Saxonia would say it. “Da“ as in “Dark “ “tschi“ as in “J “ when you say juicy “ There you go. Brilliant. You ‘re fluent at german now. What a genius. Continue reading →

12 Myths about Asparagus

With the Kobold Racer in the trenches ditch there is not much left to do but cooking.
OK: timing is not that bad, as it is this magical time of year again .
You will probably not credit me for being very original, but hey how can you not be taken in by May.
Even the most hard core junk food addict cannot avoid eating something fresh. Continue reading →