Ferrari Breadvan: a full plate for Mrs mealsandwheels!


Before the racing season comes to an end and we all start crying, (Don‘t you???? Has anybody told you yet that you might have a bad character?!) I want to use the afterglow of the most .. I have no word to describe it… race so far.

It all started with bad luck.
The car I was originally expecting to race at the dusk race during the Oldtimer Grand Prix, here at the ring, had a brilliant engine which blew the first time I drove it.
Big bad luck, because we had been rebuilding it for almost two years.
But bang the miracle happened. Max Werner, feeling so sorry for me, asked: do you want to race the Breadvan with me at the race?



I was sooo astonished, that I was just starring at him unable to scream:
I absolutely don‘t want to!
The car is too amazing!
I can‘t drive really, I‘m an imposter!
Everybody will find out!
Racing is dangerous!
The other racers are dangerous!
They will chase us!
They will crash into us!
They will slaughter us.
I will be too slow!
Everybody will laugh at me!
The car itself will laugh at me!
This will be the end!


And that is how I missed the opportunity to say NO.



When the Oldtimer Grand Prix approached and anybody mentioned the Braedvan I pretended I wasn‘t there.



When OGP was there, so was I, there was just no way I could say „No“ to this onceinalifetimeopp..




I just sat in the car and tried to drive it. There just wasn‘t anything else I could do, right?




It was sooo thrilling.
The car has an unbelievable presence! It‘s huge! It jumps into the corners when you brake. It has the torque of a tiger!!



Then Max put it on Pole, naturally. But I hadn‘t thought about the consequences.
I had to take the start!
From Pole…
I didn‘t know the Pole car sets the speed with which you drive around the corner before the start, in fact it didn‘t know anything about Pole starts at all. I just wanted to survive.
I had agreed with Max to let the quicker drivers behind me pass, if I was too slow, then I should try to follow and keep up. (With a Icon like that you want to go gently, breaking a car like that would be traumatic).



The second guy overtook me as foreseen, 1 meter after the green light. The second guy, 2 meters further down.
In the first turn the two cars collided…
They touched.
Ahhhh, what a great start into the race.
After nine laps into the sinking sun, into dusk, after nine laps of heaven and hell, they finally called me in. I handed the car to Max in third Position.
That was the perfect challenge for him to make up the time I had lost, and lap by lap he was drawing closer to the leading car till he finally –yeah yeah yeah –overtook him!
Our joy in the box was one grande Party.
We had won!!!



We had to stand on the podium!
Again I had no idea what to do!
I was afraid that I would start shaking the bottles whilst they where playing the national anthem.
I was worried there wouldn‘t be enough champagne left for me to drink.
I was so nervous that I kept chatting and giggling to Max so we didn‘t realise what was going on, when Hubertus Graf Dönhoff turned around to give me yet another trophy.
The stirling Moss Trophy for the most courageous driver.
He thought I was so brave of me to race that car.




Simply because I had missed the moment to say no.

I will never ever say NO again!

Plus I will always take my LITTLE brother Leo to the races. He´s a brilliant photographer.As you can see in this post!


Thank you Max.

Thank you Leo!


  1. Arne says:

    Doesnt everybody regret the things, they have NOT done ? It s never the things You have done.
    I would say: Nothing to regret Gaby. Congratulations and see You soon.

  2. Veni, vedi, vici !
    Great job.
    Congrats Gaby !

  3. Holger P says:

    nice pictures, go pro camera action, great job….

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