It was really



Time to change the layout of mealsandwheels.

time to try a different car,
time for a win,
time for summer.

Ford Capri

It was time for Silke, Alex and above all Wilhelm to help me with M&Ws. It is really time for me to say thank you to them.

Thank You!
I have never enjoyed working on anything as much!


This year I had decided to participate in the german historic series, because I had never done so and all of the races are close to my home so I don’t have to spend so much time travelling.


As the 911 is soo lovingly build up by Marc de Siebenthal I thought I wouldn’t be fair to trust the car to somebody else (have you ever changed Hairdresser? If you’re a man, probably not, if you’re a woman you have and you know what I’m talking about..)
After a lot of brain storming, profound scientific research, (watching races) and discussion with friends much wiser than me I decided to buy a BMW 2002.

BMW 2002ti

That’s where my automotive luck set in. Again.
Claudia Hürtgen, best Driver in the world said she would race with me, with is not only fortunate, it’s incredible luck and Norbert Engels, 2002 magician from Aachen had a yellow car. Ready.





How lucky is that.
The first race we both had to skip.

The second race I crashed the car in the first Lap. (No more. Ever.OK? ) The third race was the most wonderful day ever.
The car is amazing.

IMG_1563 IMG_1553

My Co-pilot is amazing. Nordschleife is amazing.

And racing with the FHR, is despite some communication difficulties amazing too.

Thank you Wolfgang Laffien for taking most of the pictures here.

what are you waiting for??

Come racing.

Or if you absolutely don ´t want to, write to us and let us know what you think about Mealsandwheels reloaded?


  1. Wilhelm says:

    Thanks for letting me be part of the project. It was a lot of fun! Let’s hope your fans like it.

  2. Joseph C. says:

    Congratulations on the new auto adventure.

    I like the new site layout, the front page is more bite sized.

  3. Peter P says:

    Looking forward to a hard fight in october between our 02s!


  4. Axel says:


    Hier mal ein reply auf deutsch :-)
    Die Seite ist SUPER (auch das neue LOGO) und es hat mich sehr gefreut wieder etwas neues von dir zu hören ! Ehrlichgesagt hatte ich es nicht direkt erwartet, aber etwas darauf gehofft, da ja der OGP dieses Wochenende war. Zumal ich schon eine Zeit lang mit dem Gedanken Spiele nächstes Jahr auch am Nürburgring zu fahren. Bisher waren’s meist nur die Winterrallyes in der Steiermark auf meiner Fulvia – die aber auch gigantisch viel Spass macht (also das Auto und die RALLYE :-) ). Wie gesagt also Daumen hoch für die Tolle Seite und ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Story !
    Beste Grüße

  5. Arne says:

    Oh, its fresh.

  6. Thomas says:

    Hi Gaby,

    Love the new website! Keep on driving and cooking! Don’t forget to join us next Spring for the Coupe des Alpes.


  7. Somson says:

    Danke Thanks for letting me be part of the project

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