Ask me again…

Ask me again why I love Paris.
The people.
The Style.
The Shops. 
The buildings.
And their architectural details.
The roads.
The energy which drives the city.
 Fine Art to be seen everywhere.
You see, I can do it.
I can talk about other things than cars.
 Just don’t ask me why I love Paris.
Retromobile 2013.


  1. Deddi says:

    Neue Bescheidenheit? Ein klitzekleines Bildchen von dem OSCA hätte ja drin sein sollen.


  2. Per tutto questo che mi piace Parigi !

  3. Deddi says:


    schöne Fotos, leider etwas wenige.

    Nur eins: warum gibst Du diese Spam-Kommentare frei…?

    Gruß aus der kleinen Weltmetropole.

    P.S. Meine Seite ist momentan nur mit FireFox aufrufbar.

  4. Milou says:

    Hi Gaby,

    I hope you’re well. Well done on the amazing 7th place on the Tour Auto. We’re putting together a fantastic team for the Coupe es Alpes next month. Let me know if you want to join us! Best, Thomas

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