This morning….

This morning I woke up with an urgent question on my mind.

Are YOU like me?

Do YOU have a bad character ?

Are you, like me, not so interested in reading about other people‘s successes but rather dwell on their misfortunes, failures and their way to doom?

Would you rather watch Mr. Bean race than Michael Schumacher?

Or Nascar drivers getting into their cars..

Than this post is nothing for you.
(Happy Christmas to you, just in case you decide to cut it here!)

This post is about Kobold‘s “finish-the-season-gift“ to me.

he’s in gooooood comapny here..
Oh, you think cars can’t do things like that?
Oh oho.

LM can do anything. Anything to anybody, without doubt!
Maybe you should try a little caress with your car a little love, like on wives, it works miracles!

Gaetan de Ville de Goyet certainly knows how to caress cars and he is so nice to people too. I never got round to thanking him, as I had to catch the plane. But this is the place to do it.

THANK YOU, Gerard!

Back to the season and the last race in October.
Dix Mille Tour at Le Castellet.

A two hour race for cars build before 1965.

The Mistral usually blows heavily at that time of year, clearing the air, bathing people and cars in bright golden light.

The atmosphere is different too, relaxed, friendly, chilled.
It feels like a better life…(Which it is.)

Even for me, with my terrifying french. (Terrifying for the french, that is.)

That was the interesting part of the story.
Now comes the boring.

Marc decided I should do the two hours on my own, to practise for a 24h race (which in the end never took place for us, never mind).
So that was the aim. Just stay behind the wheel for two hours.

Who said that?!

Hey, you‘re very welcome to slip into my mercurial, impatient, hectic, excitable, hysterical even, personality and do a two hour race in a fifty year (well almost) old car like that.
Different perspective. Changes the world, doesn‘t it?

And that’s exactly what happened to me. The changed perspective made me so relaxed, that in the first training we (Kobold and I) did the quickest 911 lap.
Even to me.
In the Qualifying that afternoon, Marc was several seconds quicker, and two other drivers several hundredth of a second so the old order was re-established.

Watching CER 1

In the race I let the two quicker guys pass, as there is a bl….. b….. of a corner, which I still haven’t figured out how to take well. To follow the others and do a little turn taking espionage was my cunning plan.
But after one lap the first span on oil and after the second lap the other Porsche slowed down at the SIGHT of a yellow flag.
Not the flag itself, just the sight of it, so that I passed him, slowing down AT the flag. (He was furious, as he thought I had passed incorrectly and was so angry that he never found his rhythm again.) We had a slight argument after about the rules of the yellow flag, but I dearly hope he will stick to his rules for the rest of our racing life!  And not out of the kindness of my heart. (I said I have  a bad character at the beginning, remember.)
I say that because otherwise I probably have no chance of overtaking him so easily again.

The end of the story is.
We came second in class.
We were the first 911.

Here’s proof, just in case you thought it was only three of us… ha!

Me and Kobold, alone.
So happy.

Happy happy happy Christmas to all of you who have read till the end.
Have a wonderful new year.
If you don’t know what to ask for for christmas and you feel a little bit kind.
Ask for a subscription of the german Octane?


Trofeo Nastro, the most beautiful field of the weekend.

Even if you don‘t, have a fantastic 2013.
See you back here!


  1. Arneyb says:

    Have a great Christmas also…

    I just tried, for a moment, to slip into your… ähem strange personality and I have to admit that I only made it to the entrance …


    … ran away, frightened to the bones. I’ll better stay in my own desease and enjoy Mealsandwheels.

    Stay wild !

  2. Arneyb, you are funny!only to the entrance…,that made me laugh! Thank you!

  3. Arneyb says:

    Was it the front or the rear entrance in your dirty fantasies ?

  4. jj says:

    Ciao Bella,

    a great final of a great year. All the best for 2013 with lots of driving, writing, cooking, loving and caressing.

    I’ll do my very best on all topics mentioned :)

    Keep on going and don’t forget the Atzwentzkalenda :)



  5. No, Arne, no dirty fantasies. How disappointing!
    jj:I hope I will see you in 2013!!!

  6. John Davis says:

    Thought car races are more thrilling to watch compared to any movies or series in town. The excitement and suspense it brings to the audience is just nerve-wracking. You know, who’s gonna top and who’ll end up the last, things are just very unexpected as racers approaches the finish line.

  7. Simon Peirce says:

    This is such a great read, I truly enjoyed it. On the other hand, it is my ultimate dream to ride a race car and drive like a mad and go crazy even just for a day. It’ll be totally cool.

  8. Those cars are awesome; by just looking at those pictures one can name the car’s prices. Well, I just do wonder if how much they spend in maintaining a car like this one.

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