SPA ß. Spa Classic 2012

Hello: anybody out there who doesn‘t know what the word SPAß means?
My french speaking friends?

Revenge is sweet…

Almost like this 250 LM. Which is more than sweet.

So much more it makes me go weak at my knees..

No. That’s a lie. It actually gives me a hysterical fit. Think of woman and hysterics: than you get the idea. Vaguely.

Spaß means fun in german,
You’re surprised we even have a word for it?
And you´re even more surprised we know what it means? YOU, as a reader obviously don’t drive an old Porsche, because if that isn‘t  the epitome of Spaß, and very very big Spaß as that, than nothing is spaß in this world.

Yet to be truthful Spa Classic was a lot more than Spaß and if you could help me out now with a word in ANY language to describe that last weekend in May I would be very grateful.

Almost like an foreplay before Le Mans Classic, the grids were bursting with amazing cars, the lavender sky the shiniest I have ever seen, the mood intimate and happy, the organisation totally amazing, the food so oh yeah and at night, like at the Tour Auto, this comforting just one pick-me up- or-perhaps (giggle) two coupes de Champagne.

Sixties endurance: a lot of cars..

meaning a lot of great People!

We have our own little Coffee bar in the grid! De-luxe!

I like this picture.
(Have I mentioned here that I LIKE the french style?)

Kobold: coming from Nordschleife two weeks before needed a different transmission for a ‘normal’ circuit.

Tell me please, what it is about a  Porsche 906 that get’s me every single time?

I’m still not used to body parts just lying around. No, they’re not broken..

“Trofeo Nastro” leaving for qualifying.

CER 1 waiting line. Sexy waiting line.

Very sexy noise.

LOLA on fire!

I’m definitely developing a soft spot for gigantic hot wheels. TRUXMORE..gimme more.

Racing Daytona, so so cool. Secretly I fancy myself riding one. yeppieh. (So embarrassing. Don’t tell anyone.)

Look at this beautiful day, the light. Wondrous.

Famous Toblerone RSR.

Yet after the two hour race Saturday afternoon, in which I shared the wheel as usual with Marc, I almost fell out of my car from exhaustion.

Probably due to the sun and the wind, or usual running around.It was almost the same for some of the others in my grid, especially those who had driven the two hours on their own.

With a field of almost a hundred cars in the sixties endurance and something like ten Porsche 911s, I don´t know how many Cobras and E-types, Lotuses,  Porsche 356es, the race was anything but boring. (Overtaking, apparently my WEEEEEEAAAAAAK point: thank you D. for pointing that out: make sure you’re not in front of me in the future, ha!)

We came ninth in the end, with some quicker cars disqualified when the marshals did a strict checking on the cars in the Parc Fermé. I think the french deserve praise for that, and I hope they will continue, making  sure the sport is racing, not cheating.

The best moment for me, however was the first lap in the glowing morning light, when I had two quick 911s in front of me, both synchronistically swinging sideways through each turn. A fabulous ballet. (It IS dancing after all, but don‘t tell the men, they still think it‘s fighting: manly and heroic.)

The weekend was just formidable. In every respect. And now we´re all preparing for Le Mans Classic. OMG.

And here’s the Quiz of the month: what are these?


  1. Arneyb says:

    So Mylady…
    You need words to describe “Spass”

    Español: pasar booomba !

    English: Rockn Roll !

    Deutsch: Noooooordschleife !!!

    Easy, isnt it ?

  2. Wilhelm says:

    Great pictures! I can smell the racing oil. Thanks of sharing the atmosphere with the rest of us.

  3. AAAARNE: I like your german word best!
    Danke Wilhelm!!!! Wir freuen uns alle so auf LMC!

  4. Home Saunas says:

    You explained the topic very well. The content has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing this.

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