The first german Drive-it-day. And I have a problem….

First we flooded the City with Tobias Gross’s great Posters.

Because I am overwhelmed.
15 000 people that day inside the Museum and probably double that figure outside.
Around two thousand old cars which came to the Museum.
And intoxicating atmosphere of Serenity and joy, in sunshine.
And the best photographer in the world who gave all these pictures to the Museum as a gift .
Thank you Laurent, for your incredible generosity!
It has made such a difference to this already astonishing event.

Just see for yourself.

Then we flooded the city with cars and people.
With sunlight and smiles. Sounds cheesy?
You bet. It was Laughter not just smiles.
Some of our:”ride along with us” cars and their drivers.
Another one, in a super stylish car..

and another one. A note to the public: you don’t need to tip the drivers,
as some of you kindly did.
They are  my friends and wrecked my cars! And had fun doing so!

Not one of our trial riders. sorry.

Poor little Citroen 11 CV almost didn’t make it up on the ramp,

whilst this one completely filled it.

This car seems to need a little convincing, or perhaps her driver?

A Porsche Tractor. Inside the City. Can you imagine what their drive was like,
just to come and join us?

Or theirs. Since how long have we not seen the iconic Renault 5 Turbo!

This is a gift to my Mercedes friends. I have never seen one look soooo good!

How many of you have seen a Mazda Cosmo life?!

Or the combination of Manta and Museum. I like that! A lot!

And I love this Photo.

and this

And this!

You want to see more!
You can see more here:

You can see more of his pictures here during the next weeks as I will keep feeding you with them.
And we will shortly create a link to all of them through the Museum. (MAKK).
And later in the year there will be a surprise.

Thank YOU all for coming.
Thank you for proving that our Idea of democratic design, non hierachical exhibition, experiencing industrial history has worked.

It worked because all of you there made it work.

This will be one of the most memorable sundays in my life.

Keep coming back.

Because this Post is only part one!



  1. clemens says:


  2. Marqueee says:

    Once again: thank you so very much for putting that lucky smile on so many peoples faces. In general as well as in special on the face of my 4 year old godson after having taken a ride with the gorgeous “Kadett out of hell”.

    It was a very special day in a very special mood. Lucky us who attended.

  3. Arneyb says:

    as I said before: it was YOUR day ! Barbara and I enjoyed the whole weekend and our “Wirtschaftswunder” was also happy to attend. See You soon !

  4. Clemente:exactly!
    Marquee:Thank you. It was an amazing day for me too!
    Arneyb: you and Babsi made me so happy by coming all the way from Hamburg!

  5. Deddi says:

    Wowww. Echt stark, Gabi.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Incredible photos!


  7. Wilhelm says:

    Great idea, well prepared, magnificent execution and you obviously hit bulls eye with this event. Cars with character can stir up emotions; very well captured in Laurent’s photos!

  8. Wilhelm says:

    You may want to exchange the link to Laurent’s photos of the event:

  9. Deddi: echt danke!
    Franc: couldn´t agree more!
    Wilhelm:good Idea. Will do so in the second half…!

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