Scuderia Hanseat 2012: why I dont want to talk about it…

When a chatty extrovert woman like me is NOT prepared to talk about something, the reason for it has got to be really grave, doesn’t it?
And it is.
Very very grave.
Look here:

The man who made this film is called Steve (which is OK) and he is D-U-T-C-H ( but very probably not one of those assassins with  yellow numberplates trying to kill everyone on our Autobahn, just in case you live in the states and don’t know what “dutch“ means).
Steve: you forced me throw over all my well tended prejudices against the Dutch. GRRRRRRR
And you gave me class A Espresso every morning…
This film: is just THE nicest thing in the world!
I really thank you with all my heart!!!
Winning Scuderia is an amazing Dream come true!
That’s all.
If you want to know more about Scuderia Hanseat :


  1. Arneyb says:

    Gaby… You are getting lazy !

    I am getting speechless.

    Fantastic result, fantastic film… was it Your phone ringing at the beginning of the lap ?
    Sounds like the title melody of “Schulmädchen Report”

    You are the killer queen of the Nordschleife !

  2. It´s “Die Sendung mit der Maus” and proofs JUST why I hate my phone so much!!
    Thank you for these compliments!

  3. Hey, don’t blame all the Dutch!! Haha

    Really amazing video, what an awesome sound and even better driving! Wish I could do that!!

    Congratulations with the winning, when I see the video I understand in completely!

    Still hate it I couldn’t make it this time..

    Here a screenshot from the webcam, Kobold in good company!

  4. DB says:

    Unglaublich schöner film… Und ein unglaublich hervorragendes Ergebnis. Bin bewundernd sprachlos!!! Herzlichsten Glückwunsch, Gaby. Klasse!!!

  5. Karsten: GREAT screenshot. but what are the little BMW with that funny ORANGE colour doing there?…(haha)
    DB: Vielen Dank, hoffe Du bist auch bald wieder dabei!

  6. Migdonio says:

    Very nice video Gabriele, very smooth and fine driving. Congratulations!
    After seeing your video and remembering the only one opportunity I drove at Nordschleife I feel I drove like a truck driver in a go-kart! lol

  7. Wilhelm says:

    Great video and nice lap. I love the sound and the fact, that the 30 year younger and about 70 HP more powerful 964 RS Sportpaket couldn’t get away from you. I look forward to the next attempt to do some laps together. Keep on racing!

  8. Migdonio: you too? I feel that everytime! LOL.
    Danke Wilhelm!!!!!

  9. Volker says:

    Grandioser Film – und der Klingelton der Sendung mit der Maus spricht für Dich ;-)

  10. Volker, vielen Dank. LOL.

  11. Mike Gulett says:

    Wow, congratulations!

  12. CS says:

    WOW !! Outstanding !! I hope to C U there in August

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