In this post I have SWORN

not to get on your nerves and hysterically scream” UUUUHHHH, I looooooove that picture!!! all the time, showing you the pictures taken by Laurent Nivalle at our first “drive-it-day” here in Cologne, April 29th. 2012.
So nice of me.
 But how can I avoid it? I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!
And that one too.
And this one!!!! Sooooo much!
Thiiiiiiies one!
Now, this is REALLY one of my favourites!! So great! Can you smell and feel these seats?
Or is this one my favourite?
Here- self control setting in: I will NOT say anything about this picture.
or anything about this one either.
I shall not say that this is positively sexy.
And I shall naturally abstain from admiring this photograph with it’s contrasting textures and subtle hues.
And this picture I will not associate with French Cinema and Alain Delon.
Nor will I comment on the coolitude of this car,
or the excellent taste of this later Kadett Rallye Driver.
Ah, naturally I will also not mention that I quite like this photograph.
Nor will I think that this woman is absolutely fabulous.
This picture is not making me love BMW 600. (No no, it’s just a silly phase I’m going through)
Wait! I´m stopping.
xxxxxxxxxx. !. !.
But I am NOT.
saying anything.
it’s getting very hard…
You’re still here?
Does that mean you like it?
And does that mean you come and join us at next year’s Drive-it-day?
Go on.
Make my day.
Make our next drive-it-day!
As this one was definetely made by Laurent.
Thank you Laurent.
Thank you so much.


  1. Rainer M. says:

    Lovely collection of pics:-)) and sorry we could not make it:-(

  2. Arneyb says:

    Really nice pictures… I love them !


    If theres a party on the day before, of course we will attend. Then we would increase our part and take the “Wirtschaftswunder” and our ’51 DKW RT125.

    By the way, who is that sexy blonde on the photo with the Kadett ?

  3. Rainer:Perhaps next year? Would be so nice!
    Arne.Double act? Wonderful!
    The “by the way” I have no idea, but thank you for the compliment!

  4. budl says:

    the picture of the black lincoln continental is fantastically mean. great!

  5. Amazing pictures! Really start to love all these classics.

    I couldn’t make it to Scuderia Hanseat but i’ve spotted you and Kobold a few times on the webcams!

  6. Budl:yup!
    Karsten: what do you mean by saying you´re STARTING to love all these classics…
    Well better late than never.Next Post will be Scuderia.

  7. Yes.. i’m sorry!! Took some time but i’m finally starting to understand it! haha

  8. I wish you had more pictures of the black lincoln. It’s easily among my favorite cars, no matter what year and model it is.

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