Anybody out there….

needing proof the racing a car is the sole functioning remedy against feeling like a Grottenolm?

(Don’t ask: it’s a foul creature, worm like, living underground in wet grottos,  blind, ugly, ungracious, slimy, and very probably pretty depressed..)

One day on track with Kobold and I’m back to blogging. Uuuuaaaah!
Proof enough?

The Historic Racing Association (FHR) together with “Youngtimer Trophy” held their Test days on the Grand Prix Track of Nürburgring on Saturday, which called around three hundred old racing cars into the Sunny (YES!) Eifel mountains.
Oah, the sound of all these cars and the smell. YUM.

Yet first day on track in a season always feels a bit awkward, as one leaves the cars in October with a feeling of confidence and intimacy, it’s a shock to find them so uncomfortable, strange, noisy, it’s difficult to get back into double de-clutching, it’s hard to understand that a car from 1965 simply doesn’t want to brake at all, it’s tough to meet all expectations which have been accumulating over the winter.

Can somebody explain the camber angle of this car to a unsuspecting house wife from Cologne?

It was a wonderful Saturday. Dry, sunny, noisy, smelly, roary, visually enticing.

One of the easiest, lightest ways to start the season, so many people there, many friends who drive better or faster then me (still) got threatened with poisoning or  future eeexxxtreemeeee driving skills on my part, leaving them totally unimpressed…

This Talbot Driver has done Le Mans Classic already three times!
The light still shows red.
Kobold feeling good among his peers, and:

feeling right at home on track!

Just in case you wonder WHAT on earth I have been doing the past month apart from moaning about the winter: Yes, I have been cooking, actually quite a lot, not only for family and friends but also for all those involved in the Drive-it-day on April 29th (more to come in a later post). Cooking a lot, eating a lot, drinking a lot, and discussing a hell of a lot!

Welcome back season, welcome back Kobold and very much welcome back: YOU!


  1. Arneyb says:

    Oh Gaby,
    I am so happy, that you are back ! I was seriously wondering if You had a “Blog-Kade”
    I feel the same. Next Friday, if hoRSt hopefully gets track ready, we are heading towards Oschersleben, to take part in the first race of the season. Unfortunately its only 50:50 if he gets ready in time. Cross fingers for us !
    So how long did you need to get comfortable again ? 20 minutes ? 30 ?
    No more, right ?

  2. More, much more. And at the end of the day I was exhausted, no power steering, racing clutch, etc…
    I keep my fingers well crossed for you and horST!!!!!

  3. jj says:

    Servus Gaby,

    wenn Du schon so viel gekocht hast, dann her mit den neuen Rezepten. Alte Autos haben wir alle auch, gute Rezepte weniger :)

    Schön, daß Du wieder schreibst und bilderst.


  4. Danke lieber jj, kochen abends bedeutete allerdings photos in Kunstlicht. Naja und das Essen, das sah dann immer aus wie schon mal drin gewesen und wieder raus gekommen. Aber jetzt bleibts ja auch länger hell!

  5. Good to see you’re back! I even sent you a tweet last week with the question where you were! haha

    I’m curious for all your adventures in the new season! My season will start in two weeks at Gran Turismo Events on the Nordschleife, can’t wait to take some pictures!

  6. Oh dear I didn´t even read my tweets. Total Hybernation.
    In two weeks? What´s going on? VLN?

  7. 2-6 april is Gran Turismo Events, next to Scuderia Hanseat one of the best events on the Ring!
    I will be there 3th of April, promises to be a good day!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I had a huge smile on my face when I read your post. And you’re right, we can sense the spring in the air…and traces of oil and gasoline! Not only the nature wakes up from hibernation.

    At long last the season is about to start, this week I’ll be visiting the Techno Classica in Essen/Germany. I don’t think that I ever was so much looking forward to that as this very year!

    Frühling lässt sein blaues…..äh lassen wir das!

    Viele Grüße

  9. Dear Karsten, In April I can´t come to Nordschleife, but scuderia I will def. be there!
    Michael, so?:
    Kobold lässt sein grünes Band,
    ziemlich knattern durch die Lüfte, süße wohlbekannte Düfte
    streifden ahnungsvoll das Land.
    Alle Fahrer träumen schon,
    wolle balde racen
    Horch von fern ein Hupenton,
    Frühling, ja Du bist´s,
    Dich hab ich vernommen…

  10. DB says:

    Toitoitoi für die neue Saison !!! Wie immer schönste Fotos :-)

  11. Danke DB, Dir dasselbe!!!

  12. Deddi says:

    Frauen die gut kochen können, sind inzwischen fast noch seltener, als Frauen, die gut autofahren. Weiss Dein Holder eigentlich, was er an Dir hat…?

    Happy Motoring 2012… und her mit den geilen Bildern.

  13. Alle meine Holger wissen was sie an mir haben, wenn ich sie auch echt oft zur Verzweiflung treibe!
    Happy Motoring 2012 to you toooooooo!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hallo Gaby,

    echt schön das wir uns in Essen getroffen haben.

    Hat Dein 911er eine neue Farbe? Das Elfenbein sieht viel cooler aus, als das das beige. Bis bald auf der NS…

    xoxo Franc

  15. Good tracks and return to the blog, look for new posts.

  16. Hallo Franc,
    Vielen Dank, die neue Farbe ist in der Tat cooler… Ich finde sie auch viel schöner!
    JA, bis bald auf der NOS!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Good luck for your french adventure!
    I´m looking forward to meet you again at scuderia hanseat with all the addicts from all over the world. This May I´m swapping positions and will be looking at your skills in Klostertal. Can´t wait to see your Kobold storming thru sideways.


  18. Klostertal? Oh dear that throws open a new perspective!

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