Reposted: Like a Kadett out of hell….

I’ll be gone when the morning comes

When the night is over
Like a kadett out of hell I’ll be gone gone gone
Like a kadett out of hell I’ll be gone when the morning comes
But when the day is done
And the sun goes down

And moonlight’s shining through
Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven
I’ll come crawling on back to you

I’m gonna hit the highway like a battering ram

On a silver black phantom bike

When the metal is hot and the engine is hungry

And we’re all about to see the light

Nothing ever grows in this rotting old hole

Everything is stunted and lost

And nothing really rocks
And nothing really rolls
And nothing’s ever worth the cost

And I know that I’m damned if I never get out And maybe I’m damned if I do

But with every other beat I got left in my heart You know I’d rather be damned with you Well, If I gotta be damned you know I wanna be damned Dancing through the night with you

If I gotta be damned you know I wanna be damned Gotta be damned you know I wanna be damned Gotta be damned you know I wanna be damned Dancing through the night Dancing through the night Dancing through the night with you

Oh Baby, you’re the only thing in this whole world That’s pure and gold and right

And wherever you are and wherever you go There’s always gonna be some light But I gotta get out I gotta break it out now Before the final crack of dawn

So we gotta make the most of our one night together When it’s over you know We’ll both be so alone

My sister Anka and my Kadett. All Photos are by her, apart from the ones OF her. They are by me. Thanks to Meat Loaf for his lyrics and for placing a catchy tune in my head… Happy new Year everybody.
I reposted this from last year, because it had disappeared from my Archiv and I think the pictures my sisters took are brilliant.
Having come back from the mountains and a great holiday, I’m ready to attack this year on many fronts, bear with me, race with (or if you must against) me, eat with me and join me on “Drive -it-day”. Thank you everyone for your support, it means a lot!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Goldie :) Schon irgendwie ein echt schönes Auto. Trotz aller Vorurteile gegen goldene Autos meinerseits! Ich erwarte eine kleine Spritztour wenn ich mal wieder bei euch bin! Die Bilder sind auch mal wieder echt klasse!
    Liebe Grüße aus Wuppertal von deiner anderen kleinen Schwester, Celina :)

  2. p.kilkenny says:

    Fantastic and poetic photo essay!
    So let me get this straight … have the Porsche
    and the Kadett?

  3. batistuda says:

    Das stimmt alles GAR nicht!! Es sind mindestens zwei super Fotos auch von dir! Aber bei so einem Modell kann das ja nur klappen.
    Sieht sehr schön aus mit dem Text!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hab mir grad den Song angehört – puts me right back into my early (and not so early) youth!! Wo ist mein Parka!
    Super Fotos! Tante Omi

  5. Celina:Spritztour liebend gerne: aber danach bist Du durch den Getriebelärm ertaubt, durch Benzinstink erstickt und mangels Heizung erfroren..Und trotzdem ist es herrlich!
    p.kilkenny: Thank you for your compliments! Yes I have these and other wondrous beauties.. more posts to come in the future!
    batistuda:2 super Fotos mit Dir. Welch ein Spass.

  6. Tante Omi: Wo ist er denn der Parka! Würde Dich zu gerne darin sehen!!!!!

  7. Arneyb says:

    Oh lord….why dont you buy me a rotten Kadett,
    My friends all drive Porsche, I must make them sweat.

    Just my 5 cents

  8. Tom says:

    Wow!! Cooler Kadett und großartige Fotos!!! ;-)

  9. Mike Gulett says:

    Bat Out of Hell is one of my favorite albums. I especially like Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

  10. Arne:ja das wäre nett!
    Tom: Danke!!!
    Mike: Yes, I love it as well!I sing along to it, making my children scream in horror!

  11. Alex says:

    Dantes inferno :-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    reminds me of the ascona a one of my wingmen had back in the days when society was not quite ready for rednecks like us – not even in pi.

    cute photos of the two.

    take care,

  13. Alex: Yup! like hell!
    Ben:Those days must have been great! Society will never be ready for greatness.Stupid people. They don´t know what they’re missing!

  14. Mike Gulett says:


    I have added a link to Meals and Wheels on My Car Quest.

  15. Mike: that´s a great honour! I admire your site! Thank you!!

  16. Max says:

    Da hast Du Dir ja wieder ein Möbel zugelegt.Wenn Du den auf 2 Rädern um die Nordschleife prügelst wirst Du unsterblich!

  17. Wirklich Max? Versprichst Du mir das?

  18. Bellevue says:

    Dear Frau Spangenberg,
    Together with the outstanding and intoxicating Dakkar story, this is definitely one of my favorites. It’s not only because of the great car amidst impressive scenery. It is more the emotional factor that you can feel (“smell”) while reading your post. Must be great fun to drift with that car…
    Still, I am a little bit fuzzy about the function of the individual switches you have installed: BENSA=fuel pump (Benzin) ?, FLEKTI=”reflector” ?, APUK=what´s that???
    Good luck for your Tour auto 2011!

  19. Dear Bellevue:I have NO idea what the switches mean. It´s all finnish. Help!

  20. Mike Gulett says:


    For some reason I cannot get to your blog any longer.

  21. Mike: I had a problem with redeeming the blog. Now we´re back!!!

  22. Detlef says:

    Ups, so tief hatte ich hier noch nicht in der Vergangenheit gewühlt. Netter Beitrag, findet einer, der selbst mal (sehr) kurzeitig einen Opel GT fuhr, die Autochen der 60er und 70er Jahre heute sogar ganz reizvoll findet, aber beim Anblick der heutigen Produkte fast Augenkrebs bekommt.

    Schönes Weekend, Gabi

  23. Volker says:

    Klasse Auto, schöne Gebrauchsspuren, besonders das Foto von der Innenseite der Tür hat’s mir angetan. Feine Fotos in tollem Licht. Und die Rodenkirchener Brücke weckt Erinnerungen an die alte Heimat…

  24. Danke Volker. Klingt da Wehmut mit?

  25. Volker says:

    Liebe – darf ich Gabi sagen,

    als Antwort ein alter Schinken von den Bläck Fööss, der mich immer wieder ins Herz trifft:

    Streiche Berlin, setze Frankfurt ;-)

  26. Anonymous says:

    happy valentine’s day.


  27. Juha Maunula says:


    APUK ist Fernscheinwerfer

    Best Regards

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