Imagine you go to see a show in a museum, which screams and howls and growls.
Which smells of hot dark oil, corduroy seats mingled with a lovely hint of uncatalysed petrol.
A show NOT of halls and halls full of mysterious objects and incomprehensible paintings,
a show where everybody faints with awe, and you as usual, you’re not getting it and out of despair whisper “O-MI-GOD” in front of something weird looking till you notice it’s just the museums hydrometer checking humidity levels.A show where the museum is the astonished spectator and YOU are the knowledgeable generous lender.
Where the curious novice can smell, see, touch and sense the exhibits, not being embarassed about his ìgnorance`.
A truly democratic museum where the most expensive exhibit is as highly valued as the cheapest.
Where you may drink beer and eat marshmallow cake.
where the opinion of a layman counts as much as the one of the expert.Imagine further you have an oldish, much cared for vehicle in your garage, which you have been lovingly restoring with cold, clammy fingers during the winter month. Or one for which you have been working your back off so you can afford to pay the restoration by a professional.

Imagine a winter like the last: bitter cold, long and dark. Endless. Grey. A black tunnel, forever.

Then slowly spring approaching, darkness slowly fading, the sunlight breaking through, drying the wet patches on roads, warming the bones, freeing the spirits, clearing that nasty salt off the tarmac.
You may finally feel carburettors propelling you forward, smell old leather, sniff the old radiator air mixed with heavenly fumes of engine oil, hear the magic hum and drum of the engine, taking you to paradise.

It’s such a sunny warm sunday, that April, 29th 2012.
And than this:

Your MOTHER IN LAW is coming for diner.


Yet there’s nowhere to run.
Where are all those beautiful mates of the golden day?
Where to run to?
Who to turn to?

Ahh, lucky are those few million people living in the area of the Rhine, the Ruhr, those people from Frankfurt, the Eifel and the Sauerland.
Sooo lucky, as they can call their spouses and say:“ Darling, I am going to a MUSEUM today.“Heaven, to imagine the astonishment written all over those million married faces, faced with such cultural assiduity. What can they possibly hold against you consuming CULTURE? Especially if you come home and you claim (yes, she’s already sitting at the table your mother in law): “ My Beloved , what you call a pile of rotten shit, of rusty iron is one of the most important pieces of design, drawn up by the most important designer of the century. My beloved Fiat Panda is an Icon of style. A Dedication to Modernism.
All these old dings on wheels have had greater influence on our society than all your “Change-your-life-forever- in- 10-days-books”.Wouldn´t you like that?

I would love that.

And it´s been made possible.
The Museum of Applied Arts here in Cologne is organising it´s first “Drive it day“.
(Yes I’m in it too. My name it noess and I’m in full flow, drivin the ark. Hehe.)
It is inviting every historic car and it’s owner, to come and `hang out` in a one day exhibition.
The Museum, bordering the Cathedral in the centre of the city, is at the heart of a small square surrounded by greenery and parking spaces.
Those will be reserved exclusively for classic cars.
These can cruise or simply pose around the square, showing off their sinuous curves, cool corners, seducing smells, sexy noises and tempting fumes..

For those poor creatures who have never had the chance to sit in a car like that, there will be Taxi rides(in classy old cars) around the square, luring unsuspecting victims into motoring heaven.
Inside the buildings there will be films, showing the beauty and coolness of old cars and their owners, we will have Stammtische (regulars´tables) according to brands, so you can find out, whose the cool Opel is (mine) and of course a raffle with prices which make only car addicts, and no one else in the world, happy.
We will even have something on design, to make everybody understand how great her highness the Fiat Panda was.(And other interesting bits of information you always wanted to hear.)

Oh and there will be cake, heavenly homemade cake, made by Ursula (a poor saint from britain who was massacred here whilst traveling along the rhine with her 5000 virgin followers,in varies) and her five thousand virgins, so they do something useful after all.

So, you´re coming?
How can you resist?

Don’t worry, you will not forget, till then.OK.
I promise hereby to be serious, politically correct, short and straight forward in the future when I talk about the event and not so bloggish. (This is for Frau Dr. Hesse, the fantastic director of the Museum. She’s getting worried)
I was just so exited to let you all know.Next week I’m going back to Africa, to compete at the 1000 km of Dakar…


  1. p.kilkenny says:

    The Drive it Day exhibit sounds fantastic!
    Have a safe and enjoyable race in the 1000 km of Dakar!!

  2. Thank you Pat! Drive it day is a bit too far for you, isn’t it?

  3. Arneyb says:

    Hmmm, who decides wich car is classic enough to be shown ?
    But nevertheless interesting. By the way, the Fiat Panda is of course one of the coolest cars ever.

  4. Arne: H Schilder, to keep it simple…
    Kann leider deinen Link nicht aufmachen….

  5. Arneyb says:

    Klappt glaub ich schon wieder nicht :-(
    Am besten auf Youtube gehen und Fiat Panda Commercial eingeben. Der junge Nann nachts am Steuer, dunkle Haare und Dreitagebart. … Ampelduell

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