Against all odds: Bilster Berg.

In the year of our lord 1925, on September 27th the foundation stone of the greatest track in the world was laid: the Nuerburgring.
In the year 2011, on September 27th the foundation stone of another great track in the world was laid: Bilster Berg.
Against all doomsayers in this world predicting that the track would never be built, the first stone was put down last Thursday with great joy.
Bilster Berg is a hilly ex military area in east Westphalia (a region which you probably would not travel to without very good reason, it‘s very a bit dull.)
It is now converted into a test and presentation track entirely financed by private investors.
The driving force behind this idea is Marcus Graf von Oeynhausen, who has the rare talent of gently yet obnoxiously persisting on an idea without driving anyone insane (well perhaps just a little).
It took him six years.
After six years he not only obtained all official permission he also convinced enough people to spend their money on something wild.
A track.
A privately owned track in Germany.
The only one.
It is really happening.
The Architect Herman Tilke and Marcus Visionary Oeynhausen.
They´re doing it!
“The lark ascending“
The real Dakar car and the real Dakar driver are taxiing us around what is going to be the track.
It´s the 2011 Tuareg, with Dieter Depping at the Volant.
The set up of the car is out of the world. Up-
and down. I love it!
The layout of the track is amazing. There is a steep turn called mouse trap. Thats were this mouse felt honestly trapped.
I´m not sure if I can sum up the courage to go down there on the throttle, next year.
Can you?
Want to try?
The opening will be in July 2012.
2012 is almost booked out.
Against it?
Not sure about it?
What´s it gonna be boy?
Yes or…
I let you sleep on it, but give me an answer in the morning.
PS: next week the most magical of all fruit. Just wait.


  1. jj says:

    Was für ein Projekt; schön, daß es jetzt endlich und tatsächlich losgeht.

    Ich habe so das dumme Gefühl, daß das einigen in der Eifel NAGende Alpträume bereitet.

    Aber Konkurrenz belebt das Geschäft und eine tolle Rennstrecke mehr kann nicht schaden.

    Viel Glück allen Beteiligten.


  2. Arneyb says:

    I am really looking forward to a first turn on that track. I really believe they are going to manage that track like one should. All thumbs up !

  3. jj:Freut mich!
    Arneyb:Thumbs up to you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Super Artikel, super Projekt!!! Bin sehr gespannt! Good Luck to all!!!!

  5. Batistuda says:

    Finde ich auch super Fotos, super Text (wie immer) und ein echt spannendes Projekt!! Warum wurde ich eigentlich nicht gefragt? Ach ja stimmt ist ja kein Fußballfeld!!

  6. @Batistuda: Wenn es ein Fußballfeld hätte geben sollen wärest Du die Erste gewesen!Oder gleich Präsident!
    @Marshall:thank you very much. I will think about it.

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