IAA. Go Shopping, sisters!

At the IAA this year there is a corner dedicated to the Ladies of the world:

In this corner you’ll find Oldtimers, Children’s seats and model toy cars…”
And Citroen.
Otherwise there are no car companies presenting hot new models in the Ladies corner.

At least the Orga of the IAA has recognised that at the fair nothing appears that might attract women.
The reason being:
We’re just not interested in cars.
We don’t have the spending power.
We leave it up to the men to take decisions in these grave automotive and financial matters.
Whatever you might think now, fact is: this is wonderful.

It means we don‘t have to save our money for new cars.
This is our moment.
Look, nobody is watching.
Nobody is monitoring our spending habits.
This is our chance!We women of the world can rightfully spend our money on important things.

Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana.
Hop hop, off to Hermes to spend 20 000 Euro on a Crocodile Handbag. Or just a mere 500 Euros for a little square meter of silk.
Ding doing.
Better yet: “Net-A-Porter”, the best Internet business for tempting all the money out of our feminine pockets. No need to go anywhere, everything is delivered to your home, seductively wrapped like Christmas parcels, to try in your dressing room, so you don’t have to expose your cellulite in some grimly little changing room and can simply send back what doesn’t fit. (Yes they will pick it up.)

Why go to the supermarkets schlepping heavy bags home ?
Have the food delivered to your doorstep.
Buy the the best and most expensive household appliances: after all they made for you, to make YOUR work easier and they’ll last decades.
And they are cheap compared to cars.

Expensive cosmetics?
Of course, they work miracles, simply by telling you, you’re worth it.
A steel for several hundred Euros per 30 grams. (Or whatever) ( Did I mention that they send it home for you?)

Don’t go the the hairdresser once a month only, have him or her come to your home, once a WEEK.
Children to or from school?

Taxis! With those wonderful seats, we were invited to explore in the Ladies corner.Go instead and have lunch, drink Champagne, it so becoming for the Complexion.

Doesn‘t make sense?
Start a big Art Collection.
Buy Jewels. Lots of them. (Keeps losses at bay, unlike new cars or the stock market.)

Makes more sense.
Saving Household money, buying foul tasting cheaper butter? So family can afford a four seater car, which is used by max. one person most of the time?

Have a look during rush hour. How many cars carry more than one passenger?

Makes sense?
Use the cars you might already own until they really are Oldtimers and deserve the name, use Taxis, trains, use planes, drive Citroens. Everything so fittingly assigned to us.

Spending Power?
Not for us sisters. Not for us.
Money all gone, sorry.

I will drive the practical cars I own now till I’m 80.
And by the time I’m 80 there will be wheelchairs with 43 horsepowers.
Made just for me.
What about you?
Or will I stand alone in the dark?


  1. Batistuda says:

    Danke für die tipps! Nun weiss ich wohin mit dem Geld….
    und was verstehen wir denn auch von Autos!!! Eh ein völliger Blödsinn!!

  2. Batistuda says:

    Die Bilder sind aber sehr hübsch!

  3. Arneyb says:

    Not sure if I fully got your message.

    My translation would say: Dont spend your fucking money in fucking useless things. Take the same money and spend it in buying, using and maybe collecting cars.

    And most important: Dont let anybody (not even your husband) tell you what car to buy. My wife wouldnt. Never ! She s great !

    I love her !

  4. Mike Gulett says:


    You are always entertaining.

  5. Arneyb: You´re so right!
    Mike: you really made my day. Thank you!

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