Roller coaster

is what new “Kobold-from-the-ashes-racer” played with me, when I took it to Nordschleife on Monday for a test run.
(In two days it’s the Oldtimer Grand Prix Marathon, a long four hour race on Nordschleife. I’m supposed to race there. And so is my Co-pilot: Claudia Huertgen.)
But Rolling poling ain’t funny on green hell!
The car behaved like a big plane rolling and rocking all over the place, almost coming off the track, so Marc took the car straight back to Switzerland.
Which is where it is now.
And I am here.
Knitting.(Ok. Lie.)
Tidying my little bureau.
And find this:
“Le Mans Classic 2010” Photographs by: Mathieu Heurtault.
(It’s not the Kobold. It’s a 2.5 S/T)
When the car looks slow, it’s me driving.
When the car looks fast, it’s Claudia driving.
(I’d thought I’d better say it quickly, to save YOU from doing it. To make you look polite. (You’re welcome.)
A year ago.
When there was still a summer to be had.
Or racing.
Not just soaking in the rain and waiting, praying and knitting…..
Want to see more?
look here:
or here
So who’s coming to rainy ring at the weekend?


  1. Arneyb says:

    So whats the Kobolds problem that Marc can only fix it in Switzerland ? Its not just a setup problem, is it ? I keep my fingers crossed for You.
    See You on Friday !
    But honestly: Looking at the ST, I doubt a little bit that the Osca is the better choice (sorry)

  2. p.kilkenny says:

    Those LeMans photos are the ones that made me fall in love with your blog!
    Hang in there…Kobold will soon be on the race track!!!

  3. alexander says:

    me. Hope to see Kobold.

  4. Arneyb:Friday!
    p.kilkenny:you are really nice, thank you!
    Alex:you will! And so will I!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hallo Frau Mealsandwheels,

    am vergangenen Freitag während des AVD OGP gelang es mir, Ihren 911er in Aktion zu knipsen. Diese zwei Schnappschüsse sind nicht außerordentlich gut gelungen, aber möglicherweise erfreuen Sie sich dennoch an den Bildern im Anhang. Vielen Dank für Ihr äußerst lesenswertes Blog!

    Besten Gruß

  6. Hallo Herr M, vielen Dank für Ihre Bilder!!!!!!

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