Women talk too much?

 Do you think I talk too much? Be honest.O.K.

Don’t be honest then.(I talk too much anyway.)
Here is last weekend’s pursuits WITHOUT much talk. (uff)

Visiting Modena Track Days
I love this car. Whisper, not talk…
Nonononono. No Comment.

Yes. Yes there were modern Ferraris there. But thoses are not for us. They are for a different tribe. Sorry.

And the 4 hours of Dijon?
In what?
Long Story.
Next time.
Obligatory Track walk. Whispered too, in case you wondered.
No talk; no end.
No woman; no cry.
Grumpy me,
Will you still come back next time?


  1. M says:

    Sure I’ll !
    What’s wrong with that Fuchs ?
    There are too many weights to balance it…

  2. Ah you were also at Modena Trackdays? To bad we haven’t met!
    It was a great event, what a lovely cars! What’s the next event on the Nürburgring you will go to?

  3. Arneyb says:

    You talk too much ?
    I wouldnt dare to say that. You change the issue twice a minute ? May be this describes You better. Following Your words can be as hard as following You on the track.
    But thats the way You are, and I am more than OK with it.
    By the way, I never saw You taking photos when we were on track together. Most of the photos look like they have been prepared for hours. When the hell do you do that ?
    Gabriele, You are a mysterious woman.

  4. p.kilkenny says:

    Of course I will come back next time! Just can’t get enough of the fantastic Meals and Wheels!!

  5. M:Nothing wrong with the Fuchs, lots of unbalance in the tires! Well spotted!
    Karsten: Next time will be OGP of course. And you?
    ArneyWhen we’re on track together I drive as fast as I can to keep up with you. I don´t take pictures then…I change issues twice a minute? Thank you, that’s something to hold against those people who think I talk about cars ONLY::
    P.kilkenny:thank you so much for your support!

  6. Talk all you want on this subject! :)

  7. Stephen: with the greatest of pleasure!

  8. Gabriele: I’m not sure, probably I am on vacation during the OGP. How about upcoming Scuderia Hanseat? I HAVE to be there!

  9. Probably not,Karsten, but def. in spring again…

  10. Mike Gulett says:


    What fun you have, I love your stuff.

  11. Anonymous says:

    no scribble at all.
    hangin on your nib.
    waitin for new photos.

    stay wild,

  12. jj says:

    Liebe Gaby, sehr schöne Bilder (wie immer), schaffen wir es zum OGP dann auf einen Schwatz? Komme endlich mal wieder in die Eifel, praktischerweise haben meine Eltern am 11.8. Goldene Hochzeit, habe dann Samstag/Sonntag Zeit für den Ring.

  13. Mike, yes. So much fun. The cars are just SOOOO much fun!
    jj: mit Vergnügen.Fahre am Freitag dem Marathon und bin sicher so nervös wie letztes Jahr, aber Sa und So viel entspannter. Freu mich!

  14. Gabriele: To bad! We have to meet some time! By the way, did you ever receive my pictures of your car a long time ago? Haven’t got any notification of you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sehr, sehr schöner und unterhaltsamer Blog.

  16. Karsten: No I don´t seem do have gotten any: can you please, please, please send them again?
    Anonymous: Thank you, I truly appreciate your compliment!

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