Coupe des Alpes 2011: we don’t


Have you ever wondered who the GREATEST Heroes of motor sport really are?
Ever argued Rally versus Formula One Pilotes, Targa Florio Riders versus Le Mans Endurance Masters?
Wonder no further.

I have found them.

Drivers going unbelievably much faster than their OVER motorised Counterparts.
Drivers who have NEVER been overtaken in their life.
Drivers who put all LOWLY pretenders in their right place.
Drivers who let others overtake PURELY out out the kindness of their hearts.
Drivers who managed to compete despite of their “IMPOSSIBLE to drive with” tires.
Drivers who rushed ahead of everybody, didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t pee just so they could say they arrived FIRST.
Drivers who went REALLY fast.
Drivers chasing others, who should have been MUCH faster.
Drivers producing MIRACLES off the track.

Just amazing.
YET more amazing still how much fun all this can be.
The Coupe des Alpes is a fabulous Bonanza which turns everybody into a hero.
There is no competition, no regularity nonsense, no time keeping, no parking challenge, no nothing.
Just miles and miles and miles of the most twisting, winding and scenic roads in the French Alpes, good Hotels and fantastic food.
It’s a great event, for even People with other things than just cars in their minds, enjoy themselves TREMENDOUSLY.

Let me take you back to the start in Evian, at the Lake Geneva.

Lots of very polished cars.

A what? Take a guess!

Gorgeous Stratos, give it to me. Please! But I asked nicely?!

Our car: a long wheel base 2l 911.

The “best Co-pilot in the world“ (My friend Assunta, who not only really NEVER got lost, she also simply closed her eyes when my overtaking became somewhat tight..) and I are one of two Ladies team from Germany, who have the great honour of being part of a fabulous swiss team.

Honda S 800

Porsche 904

The first day we drove through pretty heavy thunderstorms:

Poor Mangusta.

Beautiful weather the second morning.

Just one Year difference renders these Cars totally different types: Short wheel base and Carbs on the red beauty and Long wheel base and injection on the silver. And I understand THE DIFFERENCES! I´m so proud….

Do you see that Worm in the Background? That´s our ROAD! YUM!

If you don’t think this is beautiful, I know a lot of much nicer other blogs. About politics. Or Toe nail painting. Fascinating, too!



French food. Give it to me. Any time. Any place!

And these are the Roads. Drive it up, drive it up, drive it, ok ok.

As we approach the South, the Scenery becomes even more spectacular and the weather wonderful.

Traditional Pick nick on the last day.

French Pick nick. Foie Gras and Opinel Knives..

We take a Break, trying to postpone the end.

Nice try.

Yet here it comes, the finish at the Croisette in Cannes.

Mangusta made it.

The Team Vandroeuves. At least a great part of it. No that doesn’t sound DUTCH…! Go away!

Price giving ceremony on the roof of the Hotel

Have I said I like the french style before?

Our proud table..The big Trophy is for winning as a team, the other two are gifts to the Ladies teams. How very very nice!

Doing it all over again. “Full on right.” Full of what?

Coupe des Alpes is a Coupe de Fun.
Everybody is a winner.
Everybody is REALLY fast and free.
Everybody is a Hero.
What else would you want from a Rally?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Love The Pics !!
    Don Limone

  2. Don Limone!
    Are you coming next year?

  3. Arneyb says:

    Another great set of photos… Sometimes life is like Ponyhof everyday, isnt it ?
    Once in my life I have to ride a Stratos, as much as I dream of riding a Britten bike. Unfortunately my wet dreams are too close to being impossible. Never stop dreaming.
    PS: You and a Pacha t-shirt ? Tsts

  4. p.kilkenny says:

    As always I have enjoyed having you take us along in words and photos on your journey of the Coupe des Alpes!!

    Has your Porsche been repaired yet?


  5. London says:

    Gaby was the fastest out there…. Tina Turner was wrong, we do need another hero, and Gaby impressed most if not all of us!

    An amazing rally, lots of fun with Team Vandoeuvres !

  6. Arneyb: Life is no Ponyhof at all!! Less stil if you wear stupid T-shirts..
    P.kilkenny: the Porsche is IN repair and will hopefully be finished very very soon… Thank you very much!!!!
    London:Thank you too, and yes amazing fun! Especially with the Team!

  7. M says:

    Nice pictures !
    Amazing places !
    I should like to be there…

  8. Anonymous says:

    nice picture gaby, i was glad to make a nice part of the trip behind you and Marc. it was the last run going to Grace.
    see you

  9. M: Yes, you would love to be there! Maybe next year?
    Eric: Thank you too.It was sooooo much fun!!!

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