Spring! Time to let your toys out!

Are we all thinking the same?
THANK GOD it´s spring again!!!

For Classy, kind intelligent people like us April is doubly blissful:

First time of the year to bring out our toys and cruise through sweet smelling fruit blossom; mmmhhh apple blossom with just a hint of hot engine oil. Perfect combination. And first time of the year where we start finding fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

C´mon. Take out your toys everyone!
And I am even luckier than (most of) you already doubly lucky people: I and about 599 others are REALLY fortunate because we may yet again participate at the Tour auto next week.
The most adventurous, fabulous, exhausting,the fastest,the classiest, the raciest, the best of european rallies.(http://www.mealsandwheels.com/2010/04/tour-auto-optic-2010-vive-la-france.html

That´s 600 people minus one, of course. The one is Marc de Siebenthal my Co-pilot, he is much less lucky as he has to share the car with me.

No you don´t need to pity him, he treats me like a car anyway. I occasionally remind him that I´m not only a human being but a woman as such need to go to the loo, eat drink and sleep, but he doesn´t listen. One bit.
Fair enough. Eye for eye.
I have been longing for next Tuesday (that’s when we leave Paris), since the day we finished last year. In my mind I have been packing since the letter of admissal. It´s the highlight of the year, my road heaven.
But I don´t want to make you jealous.
In a week‘s time I´ll be shattered from exhaustion, in tears because it’s over so quick, in tears because Marc would have won had I not spoiled his outstanding results, in tears because women are hysterical for no reason anyway, in tears because it’s back to normal life, in tears because I can not talk about cars only, in tears because I have to think about what to wear instead of just jumping into my race suit.
You see: poor me.
Ok Ok.
Here is the best lemon tarte in the world so you don´t feel sooo bad.
Tarte au citron
for those who stay at home…..

300 g butter
500g flour
150 g sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 entire egg
1 egg yolk

Mix the butter, flour, sugar and the salt in a bowl till it roughly has the texture of fine couscous.
Add the eggs briefly, form a big fat round nice lump and let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours. (perhaps you’ll find one is enough)

Lemon curd

1 Orange
3 organic lemons
3 Eggs
1 egg yolk
150 g creme double (don‘t try anything else, nothing works like creme double!!)
150 sugar
some butter and flour for the baking tin.

Preheat the oven to 220 °C.
Butter and flour a round baking tin. Cover the bottom and the rim of the tin evenly with the dough. Bake for 20 mins till slightly browned. (just slightly!!! You can blind bake it, if you prefer.) Let cool.
Turn off oven and let cool down to 180°C.Squeeze the orange and the lemons for the juice.
With a whisk mix together all ingredients till slightly frothy.
Place tin with back on the rack in the oven. Pour egg and creme mixture on dough, using a spoon for the last spoonfuls, so that it almost covers the edge of the cake and you would not be able to move it.
Let curd rest in warm oven with the door slightly opened for 25 minutes, till the mixtures does not move anymore when slightly shaken.
Let cake cool and decorate with orange or lemon filets.
By Freddy Girardet from
“La Cuisine Spontanée”.
This cake is my secret weapon against my best friend Esther. She cannot ever be mean to me whilst only I knew how to make this Tarte.

Now, the secret is out.

Next Post here: Inside Tour Auto 2011…


  1. Arneyb says:


    But didnt you want to go the Tour Auto with Nicola ?
    Nevertheless, soon, very soon Marc will be the one to desperately try to reach your laptimes. Remember, he is driving together with a Winners Group member.
    Have loads of fun and I am looking forward to seeing You at Easter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Morning, Gabriele ! nice Blog – just linked it to
    “Blechtraum Garage” et Facebook …Perfect Day Today
    For a Spring Cruise -Today, my car Choice is from 1967

  3. Arne:He doesn’t know what a Wiiners Group member is ….
    Anonymus:blechtraum Garage Sounds like a Dream Link, I will go there now!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the flowers ;) blechtraum garage is a summery of 30 classic cars from munich based owners. Also we do some historic and 80s car racing around my loved nuerburgring (rcn, vln, egon 500) and salzburgring “days of thunder”.
    And we prepare an Opel Rekord B for Winter Rallye next season. Exept the smell of hot engine oil i like spanish tortillias – a recipe , i could happily contribute to your blog collection of jummy food ?! Cheers from Alex, alias Gintonic Munich

  5. London says:

    Hi Gaby,

    Well done on the Tour Auto, Marc told me you did exceptional times. I hope you’re looking forward to the Coupe des Alpes in June as part of the team Vandoeuvres. Do bring along some of those homemade cakes!!!! Thomas

  6. Alex:Spanish Tortillas sound great! I would be grateful for a good recipe!
    Thomas:I am very much looking forward to the Coupe des Alpes:Especially as part of your Team!Not sure about the cakes surviving the drive down to Switzerland in blazing summer heat!

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