Ice Ice Babe. BMW Ice Fascination Training.

Have YOU had a mountain jumping at you?
I have, I swear! It jumped at me during a special stage at my first Tour Auto. I was nicely taking a turn, trying to copy Marc‘s brilliant sideways driving style, when suddenly the mountain hit us. Not terribly badly but bad and embarrassing enough. In my usual cold bloodedness however I steered the car away from that stupid mountain and drove on, fender hanging loose baring oil cooler and all….
This Year at the Tour Auto I´ll be participating with my friend Nicola, so we´ll be forming a Ladies team. The only Ladies team in the COMPETITION section and to spare Nicola’s Nerves I decided to learn how to avoid scarily jumping mountains.
Claudia Hürtgen suggested a three day training on Ice and I only agreed because trainings like this do enhance public safety on public roads.
See here what I endured just to make roads safer for YOU and your children….
Entirely altruistic.
On my way to driving a proper Rallye M3. Which they wouldn’t let me take home to play with. Ungracious people.
The Drift circle. I want it in my garden. NOW. Please.
Here we come.
Our “roads“ for the next three days.
Non-stop drifting. Heaven.
Only interrupted by a night race in this °thing° on the left of the photo. Fantastic Freezing Fun!


  1. Arneyb says:

    Nice ! Winter Ice Training still is on my list. Everybody who told me about it was excited. Seams to be be one more thing that makes You adiccted.
    -Ducati Racing
    -Porsche Racing
    -Ice Training
    … more to come

  2. Arne:that’s a LOT to be addicted to!AND there is more to come….

  3. Wunderschöne Bilder. Es war bestimmt ein toller Event.Marion

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