2010 and the end of end seasons void!

Some of you have been justly nagging and complaining, about wanting to read another post. Here it is: the “end of the year Blog”: everything you haven´t seen, everything you haven´t read about, everything I have eaten and not shared with you, in the year 2010. And it is to be an extensive post, as to give you an excuse over the holidays to escape from cluttering and clustering relatives, from big bony Braten und Klöpsen, from home knit jumpers and silly books, from the endless cakes and candles and boring walks spent chatting about boring (non- motorsport) topics, so you can sit in a deep armchair, pretending to be concentrating on something very profound and intellectual on your screen.
Winterraid, January 2010: Ice parcour on the frozen lake of Lenzerheide. Beautiful roads took my cousin and I in an MG-B, via alpine Passes through Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany. Our plan was to learn driving on snow, sideways. Unfortunately no, really no snow on the roads meant no decent driving. Regularity Rallyes are not really my cup of tea: I´m too bad at maths….
Instead, Winter was raging at home, meaning wasteful and housewify drifting attempts on the Ikea Parking lot. In the kitchen meanwhile:
Beautiful, healthy and delicious delicious Winter Cabbage, great for Salads and Soups.

I managed to get hold of Bitter Oranges: (they have a short season and are almost impossible to find). Sticky days spend making real Marmalade.
Resolution No. 1 for next year: getting to understand Onions…. Yum yum, crunch crunch.
Spring meant fresh greens –
waiting for:
Start of the amazing Tour Auto.
Track Day at Spa, with Claudia Hürtgen,
Ever wondered why everyone loves Spa Franco champs?!
First spring harvest: lovely tongue dancing rhubarb.
Early Summer evening happiness-
for all..
Le Mans experience, extraordinaire,
followed by Oldtimer Grand Prix in August
Famous one hour race, Saturday night.
It is in fact a very uncommon race; from dawn to darkness in race cars from the fifties and early sixties. As the light changes, so do the sounds and the movement of the cars. Great to watch!
Fantastic moments this week end:
with the Kobold Racer fast at the Marathon,
the children finally interested in something sensible,
and friends ready to talk about cars only! Summer vegetables growing
in abundance!
In fact so abundant towards September, that it becomes hard work:
Apple sauce for winter pancake evenings,
Crab apple jelly and my favourite:
Quince jelly from our trees.
Beans yum yum yum beans, fire beans runner beans whatever they are called, I LOVE BEANS. Only not when they are baked and tinned and “Heinzed”… So much cooking tinning, jellying, saucing and often fail-experimenting needs a reward, a BIG reward!
Dix-mille-tours at Le Castellet. To finish off the season nicely, Madame.
I see red: Kobold and I are poor little gnoms, goblins, sprites compared to this Armada of precious Reds. Yup.
“Sixties endurance” is a two hour race on Sunday evening. Didier Denat in his beautiful two liter 911.
2507034101 pictures of this car in my camera proof that I have fallen totally in love with it…
Not star wars, but as close as it gets: scary french fire fighters…
Marc de Siebenthal and his Team: MY team.Yeah.
And it is always the same guessing gamble: clouds are gathering threateningly, what Pneus to use?
Typical Pierre- working without break,having a fag..
In case you wondered: I took the first turn yet the very moment I handed the car over to Marc heavens opened and it poured with rain. Lucky me. We came third in our class, though. Well done us!!
Anybody guess what this is? It´s rare to see them alive on track. And what a beautiful and elegant sight!!!
Wheels for wheels,
and Meals on wheels, as we like it!
Merry Christmas to everyone, thank you for being the nagging, loyal and supportive readers you are!
Thank you everyone who left comments after the posts, making this blog a lively place!
Thank you for sharing what I love so much!
Enjoy the Holidays, and all the wrong and thoughtful and loving presents, even if they have nothing to do with cars and Motor sport.
And remember: it´s Christmas, be kind to your relatives: they would probably much rather be having a nice beer at some nice bar at a fantastic track after a great long race too.
See you in 2011.
With Joy.


  1. DB says:

    What a beautiful review… Gorgeous pix!!! Toblerone Porsche RSR, Le Mans Alpine, bitter oranges that water my … Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!!! Can’t wait :-)

  2. jj says:

    Schöne Feieeeeertage mit viel und lecker Essen,
    Trinken, Familie und Freunden und im neuen Jahr
    immer einen Tropfen Sprit im Tank.


  3. p.kilkenny says:

    Thanks for sharing your year with us! Looking forward to more food and of course CARS!!!
    The LeMans photos were the BEST!
    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  4. AlexM says:

    It was an amazing year, Scuderia Hanseat, Le Mans Classic, OGP, and the burning salmon! Many thanks for sharing yours minds and impressions with us. I’m looking forwards to 2011. Gaby, marry Christmas and a happy new year for your and your family. Keep racing!
    Best regards


  5. @DB: Thank you!!! hopefully the new year will bring us lots of Motorcar adventures!
    @jj: Danke Jens. Dasselbe wünsche ich Dir auch plus many happy hours hinter einem Lenkrad!!!
    @p.kilkenny: Le mans was THE BEST!And the best to you and your family!
    @AlexM: yes it was an amazing year. How the next can present us with such amazing experiences? Well see!Keep eating, keep cooking and keep racing, Alex!

  6. Arneyb says:

    thanks for reminding us of a fantastic year. Merry Christmas to You and Your men, keep on racing and see You latest at Scuderia (or HSV-Cologne ?).

  7. Anonymous says:

    schöne bilder, ein traum, ein sehr schönes jahr mit dir und den autos. ich bin so happy, dass wir uns kennengelernt haben. danke für unsere freundschaft, die mir sehr viel “gibt”.

  8. Don Limone says:

    Cara signora Spangenberg !!
    Cordiali saluti dall’isola, Qui è il caos totale a causa della neve.
    Spero di rivederti presto !!

    Buon Natale

    Don Limone

  9. Christina says:

    Heiliger Bimbam, es gibt Dich noch!! Wie schön wieder was zu lesen bzw. zu sehen – und dann gleich so ne Ladung. Happy Christmas und eine rauschende Silvesternacht!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I had the great privilege to Share several of these moments with You , and I though they was better for that reason !

    I whish you the Best End for this year , and the Best Beginning for the next …

    Pr P.

  11. @Arneyb: see you soon, hopefully ,anyway!
    @Anonymous:I would love to return the compliment, but I´m not quite sure who you are…
    @Christina: Post-seasson-depression….jetzt gehts wieder los.fröhliche WEihnachte: freue mich im neuen Jahr auch auf Deine witzigen Posts!
    @ Ah, Profeesor! I hope we will have the pleasure again this year!

  12. Gabriele Spangenberg says:

    @Don Limone:ti ho dimenticato!fast! E stato such un Grand piacere leggere il tuo Comment su il Mio Blog!!! Quando ci vediamo???!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    grand sport. all the best to you and yours. stay wild, ben.

  14. Hey Ben. Happy new year. Many hours on the road!

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