Visual waltzing: Concours d`Elegance in Schwetzingen

How many of you know that Gemany ranks third on the List when it comes to Unesco World Heritage sites? Reading this a while ago astonished me: Us? The country of architectual War Wounds and quickly put up look-alike grey Cities? The Country which is left desolate when the summer holidays start and everyone runs away to warmer destinations? Well yes. We have a astonishing amount of beautiful sites and in 2012 we will probably have one more to boast about: The palatinate electors summer palace of Schwetzingen and it´s gardens.
They are the distinguished setting for The Concours d’ Elegance every September. 170 Classic Cars cars present themselves to a very illustrious, dignified, knowlegdeable, seriuos,intelligent, wise, beautiful Jury (Of which I am also part,naturally…)
The gardens are a visual firework of flowers, fountains and formal alleys and it is strangely intriguing to see all these cars, belonging the industrial machine age, competing with the baroque serene Settings. It’s somehow all history and somehow all very beautiful and it somehow works very well together (and somehow it doesn’t work together, but this doesn’t matter one bit!)
Maser feels right at home
DB2 Works race car and Veritas
“The shark ascending”: rare rear engined Maserati Birdcage Tipo 63, in the same Ownership since 42 Years! And the only one with a fin.

Early Saturday morning no-one there yet, to put a leg or and arm or an entire body in my Photos.The mobile homes are fabulous!

When you travel-wash in style. I love this very much!
Godess and Chapron marriage: what else but a Dandy could they produce?
Alfa 1900, featuring a mustache.
Flowerpower overpower.
Reflections on a much loved immaculate MG
Veritas K3 Coupe: Spells History
HRH Turbo. Spells danger.
Intrument? Aiming aid for shooting?
Mercedes which only turns left? Spells trouble.
BIIIG engineering: work: spells uff.
This is architecture.
Beautiful AC Aceca of beautiful Lady petrolhead owner!
Perfect, afternoon, in my eyes!
The Jury, distinguishable by their hats and serious discussions

Waiting in line to roll up onto the red carpet: Hebmüller Cabriolet,

Unrestored Works DB2, showing all it’s fantastic history

Also inside

Also unrestored, carrying a most unusual Sand colour Talbot Lago on it’s way to receive a trophy

Not everybody always agreed on the cars to be distinguished and discussions were plenty as we all treasure these cars passionately for different reasons, yet I love being in this Jury. Talking for days and most of the nights about cars, listening to People who know so much about cars and being listened to by them is just so much fun!


  1. Arneyb says:

    compared to racing weekends this event seems to be another kind of sensual experience. I imagine You enjoying and smelling these fantastic vehicles, drinking lots of white wine… I think motor sound would be disturbing doesnt it ?
    Anyway I am a little bit jealous and Your community would very much like to see a photo of You with that hat.

  2. Arneyb says:

    I mean “cheers”

  3. Me with a hat would destroy all the Dignity of the Jury! I´ll think about it…

  4. Anonymous says:

    ” Flowerpower overpowered” by a so talented …
    Flower …
    Congratulations for your Art to capture this
    wink !
    ” Professor P”

  5. Nicola Dahmen says:

    My “debut” on this web site and already I am very intrigued by its contents. Sounds like the ultimate symbiosis of challenge&fun (next to skiing that is)! :)
    Just searching for the dare-devil inside myself right now, have a quick debate with “her” and then engage in a personal “Mission (im?)possiblein the near future!?! ;)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic pictures!!! Love the vintage feel of the photos. What camera/lens?

  7. Anonymous says:

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