Scuderia Hanseat II. The madhouse revisited.

Those of you who read my post on the Sports drivers course on Nürburgring in May ( probably think I‘ve gone bonkers.(At least everyone in my family does!). All of you who haven’t read it: please don‘t, because I did it again!
Yet this time it was no trotting with foxes but dancing with wolves. At least this is how the group, I was invited to join, thinks of itself. And I hate admitting it, but they are right. A gang of passionate drivers and loving it. No introduction for the beginners, no long explanations, no questions, no pause, no food, no mercy,no loo, no chitchat (that was a hard one!), just driving, driving and driving.
Oh I loved it. Goddess Nordschleife was kind, the weather fine and the track dry. The system Scuderia Hanseat had been much improved by adapting the Ideal line to the race line.
If you asked me why I and all those other mad people keep on going back to this course, no one will be able to give a quick answer. It‘s a quest for the perfect motion on the most challenging track of the world, in a landscape which is rough yet beautiful, full of hidden powers. No one ever gets it right entirely, maybe one turn, maybe two or even three,(out of seventy). But even if it is just one sole turn and even if this single little turn feels right only 80 Percent, the sensation of flow, of perfect calmness and harmony feels like breaking through the sound barrier, a moment of timelessness. You end up becoming a tool together with the rack, with the car, a tool remote controlled to the extent where things cannot be sped up or slowed down anymore, you end up just following the flow. It’s amazing.
Fuchsröhre: anyone who claims that he goes down here without lifting the throttle is either a liar or a hero!        
And going the other way: this narrow alley is a racetrack, remember!
Entering Pflanzgarten, can you imagine the speed and the rhythm?  
Or here? Quiddelbacher Höhe.  
Going up Arremberg turn back to Schwedenkreuz. Receiving our critique: early morning dew had turned the road surface into glass, at least for me. I ended up in the gravel first thing. Good morning!
The wolves, all obediently lined up, behaving.  
Grand Prix track: a lot, really a load of fun is to be had there!!!!
Mercedes Pack let loose.  
Instructor with a 2.7 RS, which has been handed down from his father. With some original “Tour de France” stripes. Fantastic.
Double left sweep of “ Wippermann”, taught by:  
the DUTCH DRIFTKING! No, I am NOT commenting that!    
Going down Steilstrecke and taking pictures at the same time makes me crush into the bushes, almost.    
We had it good, last week: so good!
Waiting in line for the critique. It’s my Kobold racer.
Racing past magic forests. This is Nordschleife.
No time to waste, no time to take of helmets.
In front of me
And besides me: ready for take-off.
And so is Kobold Racer waiting for our turn in Pflanzgarten.
Whilst we listen to HG Müllers intructions. Watch the faces closely.
Thank you Mani and Kuno, Coaches from group two to prepare me for the worst: Group 12. They are fantastic!
Bye Bye. Back to normality. It’s so long till may.


  1. AlexM says:

    You did a great job with your Kobold racer. Talking to the other guys, I can tell you that we all think your’re a real enrichment to us!
    Congratulation to your historical important result, that should be not defrauded.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the Fotos .
    Salutti Don Limone

  3. Tom says:

    wow… super Fotos!!

  4. Alex: Thank you, that’s really kind!
    Don Limone: What a great honour to find a Comment from fabulous famous big Don Limone!
    Tom:a Compliment from you who is such an accomplished Photographer! Merci!

  5. Arneyb says:

    Oh how I wish I would have been there. Fantastic Photos, phantastic result,
    Congratulations. Lets try to run some last few rounds with the sex goddess of
    Racetracks and try to survive till next May.

  6. Abi2612 says:

    Awesome photography! Next time you should focus on driving! :-P

  7. puedi says:

    how can you actually shoot such great, photos, not only that they are sharp, but also beauuuutiful and not drive into the bushes. The almost doesn’t count. Bravo. tol. Liz Wohlstand

  8. Arneyb: brrh, hold your horses… But yes we must do some runs this autumn!!
    Abi2612: Thank you: next time I WILL focus on my driving only, letßs see waht the outcome will be!
    Puedi: Next time you come and we´ll have so much fun that we´ll drive into the bushes from laughing: OK?

  9. Anonymous says:

    excellent report, very nice pics, great time at this fabulous track, was very happy to see you again and congratulation for this great result. You did it really well ! Great moment in a coach’s life ! wouahhhhhhh ! unforgetable ! thank you, Alexandre

  10. Stefan says:

    Hi there,

    so whats the story ? A girl in a car on a track.

    Well…… in this case its a cute girl in a special car on the most beautiful and challenging track in the world. Thats a thing that doesnt happen to often.

    A friend gave me the link to your blog and i enjoyed it a lot. Very good pictures of the scenery which give also a good impression of the mood at this very special place.

    You did a great job at Scuderia. I have you on a video between Pflanzgarten I and Döttinger Höhe. I took the time to take a look at you and your car while the cam was on record.

    Regards Stefan with the “GermanflagGT3”

  11. Alexandre:This is sooo nice! Thank you!
    Stefan Germanflag GT3: I remember you and your beautiful car! We met on the track a lot! Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Du mir den Film schickst?
    Vielen Dank

  12. batistuda says:

    Die Fotos sind mal wieder echt sehr schön. Ich verstehe nur echt nicht wann du die teilweise machst. Während des Fahrens? Klar ich würde schweiß gebadet da sitzen und meine super-fahr Schwester macht noch ein paar Fotos dazwischen…..wieso nicht….
    Wer es kann…kanns halt!!!
    Eins ist irgendwie etwas blau?
    Aber wie diese wunderbaren Autos in die Sonne reinfahren…..das ist echt sehr schön!!
    Macht echt Spaß!!!!

  13. Gabriele Spangenberg says:

    Ich bin einfach doppelt schweißgebadet! Besser wärs Du setzt Dich daneben und machst die Photos!
    Das Blau ist Absicht…Um das Metallige des Lackes noch metalliger wirken zu lassen…

  14. Anonymous says:

    eieiei. mutter ist ja wirklich der beste, aber für den link zu diesem blog bin ich ihm wirklich dankbar. und dir für die klassephotos und die tollen geschichten. wieviel benzin kann man im blut haben?! ungeahnt. stay faster, ben.

  15. batistuda says:

    habe mir gerade noch mal das Video angeschaut (wie jeden Tag) das ist einfach so super.
    Stimmt, das mit dem metallic Lack funktioniert!
    Ich verstehe immer noch nicht wie du die Fotos gemacht hast, aber auch egal, ich freue mich die ganzen Zeit an ihnen. Sie sind so herrlich unkompliziert verliebt.

  16. Gabriele Spangenberg says:

    Ben:ungeahnt viel Benzin im Blut:So etwas Schönes hat meine Mutter nie zu mir geasgt!!!
    Batistuda:unkompliziert verliebt? geht das überhaupt? Anscheinend schon,aber Vollgas!

  17. Oli says:

    Liebe Gabi,
    toller Blog, meine zwei Lieblings Beschäftigungen. was ist doch alles aus dem kleinen schwarzen Mini geworden!!! (grins) Art Center 1994


    one of 501

  18. Arneyb says:

    no more blogs ? I am bored !
    entertain me ! auch wenns ums Kochen geht.
    ciao Mutter

  19. Oli, ist das Olivier? mit den schönen Photos?

  20. Karsten Groeneweg says:


    I found your blog via Googling Scuderia Hanseat. I was there last september and shot some pictures of you and your car around Karoussel and Steilstrecke. I was shooting pictures halfway Steilstrecke, maybe you remember me. I was wondering if you would like to have these pictures. You can contact me via email:

  21. Hello Karsten I do remember you, I will contact you!

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