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Thank You.

Thank you everyone, for being so patient and checking my site just to still find Le Mans there. And yes, my time away was too long. But honestly access to the Internet was made so difficult by the Hotels and far away Tyrollean mountains, that it was impossible to update.
Another reason is that the mental distance I covered was long: from Le Mans of the past to the future of 2030!

“A Vision of the city of the future, with respect to concepts of collective and individual mobility”, was the Briefing given out by Audi to five international Architects.

The Firms invited were:
Alison Brooks Architects, London
BIG- Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen
Cloud : Enric-Ruiz- Geli, Barcelona
Mayer H.: Jürgen Mayer H., Berlin
Standardarchitecture, Zhang Ke, Beijing

Members of the jury where:
Wolfgang Egger, Audi group design
Christian Gärtner. Ceo, Stylepark
Andreas Lepik, Curator, Moma
JUN Ma, Tongij University Shanghai
Rahul Mehrotra, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and RMA architects, Mumbai,
Fernando de Mello Franco, Universidade Sao Judas, Sao Paulo
Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology, Columbo University
Stefan Sielaff. chief of design, Audi
Rupert Stadler Ceo, Audi AG

Ugh, what a list! So many fabulous personalities, how anyone can organise anything like this, bringing all these busy and important people together is a mystery to me. But the outcome was truly stunning! The Ceremony was held the the „Scoula Grande Di Santa Maria della Misercordia“, the unfinished „Palace of Pity“.
And perhaps Pity is, what we ought to have for our following generations, because it seems as if motor maniacs will soon be Dinosaurs of the past! Individual cars will be no more (is this good or bad?), indeed it seems that transportation in itself will be de-individualised. See for yourself:

a most elegant model.
Big-Bjarke Ingels Groups proposal
Tranportation life on a Conveyer belt in China, by Standard architecture.
Thats me in the Bubble! Scared of the bubbly future!
And here is my family. They like it: nobody bossing them around.
And the funky models
By the way, the belts speed is given with 60 to 80 km. yeah. sounds like conveyer surfing!!!!
Alison Brooks wants s high cities and small small cars.
And uses modelbuilders with a great sense of fun.
Cloud 9 believes in Empathy and concentrates on environmental issues, Okay…
And here comes the rightful winner: Jürgen Mayer H.

Pokeville: have you ever been poked by someone in facebook? Somebody poking your digital home?

Poking you, poking me, aahaa, there is nothing we can do.
Digital, sensual, beautiful AND comprehensible, that´s why I like Jürgens work so much!!! Even he´s done with individual transport altogether.
Jürgens assistant, Jürgen Mayer H, Saskia Sassen, Rupert Stadler of Audi and Christian Gärtner of Stylepark. Thank you for an extremly inspiring evening!!!

Bravo, Audi to invite scenarios which will do without cars in the future:
So all of you out there, what do you think? No more cars on the road, no more creepy crawlys in front of you, no more looking for parkingspaces, but also no more of this roadcowboy feeling of freedom and daredom. Is it good or is it bad? Let me know, quickly please because I have a beautiful Concours in the pipeline! Summer’s finally over: it´s back to blog!

Curated by Stylepark.


  1. Yay, welcome back! :-) Habe meine Ausflüge in die Autowelt schon vermisst! …und die Rezepte natürlich auch.

  2. AlexM says:

    Hey, hey long time no see!! And now: no excitings car adventures or amazing food discoveries…..
    Back to your question: If this will be the future, I need a flux-kompensator to go back in the time, when racing was dangerous, smoking politicly correct and ABBA in the charts. See you on the track.


  3. Yay, Christina, Robbie Williams klingt aber noch spannender!
    Alex: Abba in the charts, and you dancing! What else can I say!

  4. Arneyb says:

    To be honest: This future is spooky to me. These concepts seem to be a possible concept for megacities, like Shanghai, Atlanta, Sao Paulo… not for Cologne, Hamburg or Berlin.

    It is quite opportune to define individual transportation as “evil”. Many people forget what cultural and revolutionary changes in the world were made possible through the inventions of the wheel, the train and the combustion engine. This is what allows us to bust the limit of our own bodies. This is why driving is fun, why motor racing is passion !
    To feel and control this acceleration stimulates our inventive talent.
    To make a short statement: Alex, please reserve a seat for me in Your DeLorean time machine. Lets escape to an epoch, where sex was safe and motor racing was dangerous (sometimes it seems opposite right now).
    Rockn Roll !

  5. De Lorean? He didn´t say that, did he?! Hey I want to come too in that case!

  6. Arneyb says:

    In “Back to the Future” they mounted the flux kompensator into a DeLorean. Every teenager in the 80s knew that.
    And every teenager knew that the DeLorean was a two seater. I think we need a bunch of time machines, because there will be more fugitives than us three.

  7. Oh dear. I forgot! How embarrassing! But problem with the two seater: You sit on Alex lap and I drive!

  8. Anonymous says:

    sehr schöne bilder!
    liebe grüße, karli

  9. Chris says:

    Pretty good post. I hope you create more in the future..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you amazing blog, do you have twitter, facebook or something similar where i can follow your blog

    Sandro Heckler

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you amazing blog, do you have twitter, facebook or something similar where i can follow your blog

    Sandro Heckler

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