Next week I’m off to Le Mans.Hello?!!!!NEXT WEEK I’M OFF TO LE MANS!!!!!!

OK: to all off you who are not trembling with awe, (family, friends and all those kind enough to read this) it’s like saying:
„Next week I’m going to Stockholm for the Royal wedding.“

Only better.

 So NOW you understand and you will probably and rightfully say “how came?“

There are two reasons for this:
The first is that I’m going to be part of a ladies team, and those are hard to find at Le Mans classic, especially in scary Group 5. But as housewify as that might sound (on my part) don’t be deceived: My Partner will be Claudia Hürtgen. A professional Racer, one of the fastest women in the world, with many Podium places to show, amongst which third place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1998 (just to name one). She is also my racing teacher, and that tells you a lot about her sense of humour.

The second reason why we are allowed to participate in this amazing event is my car.
This car is a 1972 Porsche 911 2.5 l S. (also inofficially called “ST“)

An original worksracecar build by Porsche for an american journalist and racedriver called Michael Keyser.
Michael Keyser used the car to participate in all major European and American Races in 1972 and together with his company “Toad Hall Racing“ produced the most evocative Film about racing: “ The speed merchants“.

“The speed merchants“ is a Documentary about racing, at time when racing it was truly glamorous, dangerous and mythical
He and his Co-driver, “Jürgen Barth“ (later to become a Le Mans Winner and Porsche worksdriver) competed in all major Races of 1972 with the car: Targa Florio, 6 Hours of Daytona,Watkins Glenn 6 Hours, 1000 km of Nuernurgring, Sebring 12 Hours and of course 24 Hours of Le Mans, where they came 13th overall and where their’s was the only 911 to finish.
During practise sessions he had different cameras mounted on the car, and got some incredible footage of scenes of the races, i.e.the Targa Florio.

(Where this picture was taken)
(Fantastic to watch, as this Race must have been the epitome of Craziness, and as it does not exist anymore, we get as close as we will ever get.)
He also sent his film crew out, following the race drivers to their homes, interviewing their wives, showing them during racing breaks at the hotel pool, behaving like kids.

The whole film is not only visually very very compelling, the images beautiful, the atmosphere dense, it´s also credible as the filming is not shying away from showing the dark side of the sport.
If you like racing, it’s not only a must, it’s an eyeopener and a real pleasure.

So next week I’m going to Le Mans: An amazing track, with an amazing co-Driver and an amazing car.

(The car at spa last week, tyres not right..)

Got it now?

All the great original photos are by Michael Keyser. All not so great Pictures and all Pictures of Slotcars are by Gaby. Now which are which??? Answers to Gaby and Michael as Comments are highly welcome!

Anyone who wants to see the car in action, look here:


  1. Alex says:

    Watched the speed merchants DVD a couple of weeks ago, I’m looking forward to see you and the ST in Le Mans. Your car looks great, but please don’t carry it to excess, we donn’t want to see the 70ies haircuts.
    All the best.


  2. DB says:

    missing the “not so great pictures” :-)

  3. Arneyb says:

    I am speechless (ever thought of me being speechless ?) Noooooot !
    Everything about this is hot. And now I am thinking about two women in a hot racecar. Will you keep your underwear on this time ?

  4. DB:not so great as in not as great as Michaels!
    Aenyb: What on earth do you mean???This time???? please explain!!

  5. Arneyb says:

    Dont deny it Gaby, you confessed that at the Tour Auto you were racing without your fireproof lingerie.

  6. batistuda says:

    Very cool documentation!
    and I am also missing the “not so great pictures”…..
    I think the royal wedding isn’t half as good as this (although I thought it was lovely!)
    Have a fantastic time!!! ENJOY and be safe please!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mrs Spangenberg, by the way, what are you doing next week? haha! I whish you luck, speed, fun, good weather and an angel always by your side
    your blog fan from munich Liz Wohlstand, by the way, what shall I eat this week, left without inspiration, probably: Kartoffeln, Kartoffeln, Kartoffeln…

  8. Gabriele Spangenberg says:

    @batistuda:Thank you!!!
    @Liz:Vichyoisse? FRENCH Vichyoisse?
    great to have another bolgfan!!!

  9. Alex says:

    car is ready, luggage is ready, I’m ready, see you tomorrow

  10. Gabriele –

    Love the blog. I am the author of Hunt for 901. A novel about an epicurian who searches for a lost Porsche.

    Another of your readers even noted that you would like the book.

    Get in touch with me through my blog, and I will send you a copy.

  11. Yes! I´ve been wanting to read the book! Fantastic!

  12. Dear Gaby, it’s so nice to read Your so personal page and impressions. But: What finally happened in LeMans?? A royal wedding between grip and crepes? Vin rouge at Maison Blanche? In any way chasing and amazing – I am sure!! So please let us know, we are restless waiting for some food-impressions.

    greetings, Huebi Hubraum

  13. Hello Huebi Hubraum! Fantastic name! I´m working on the Le Mans post, but there are sooooooo many impressions, I´m still in a Daze.

  14. Dear Spangi,
    one thing you never write about are the lonely husbands who do the household and play with the kids while the endless LeMans Lps.

    Chears Michel

  15. Michel:Happy husband!No nagging wife! Lots of junkfood, television, no car talk: it´s heaven for him and the kids! The have Crispseating contests!

  16. scott barlow says:

    Nice video driving Breadvan , Not so long ago I had dinner with Matthew Ettinger a former owner of the breadvan . Wow what great stories he told of driving it on the streets of LA. See pic of Matthew on my facebook .

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