Le Mans Classic 2010: everything else IS just waiting!

I feel so sorry for all those who couldn’t be at Le Mans last weekend. But I feel even sorrier for all those who WERE there, because they know exactly what they will have to wait for for two long years. They probably stumble through their daily routine like zombies, not quite understanding what hit them. Le Mans Classic is too much for words! It’s like an avalanche of Superlatives.
The track, the cars, the races, the organisation, the audience, the fanclubs, the Campingsite, the weather, the sounds, the smells, the french (YES!!!we prejudiced foreigners get it wrong again!) everything is out of this world.So lost for words as I am, here are my pictures of the things that happened around me (there was SO much happening, impossible to take it all in!)

Day 1 Wednesday

A day I had very much looked forward to, as it’s the day where drivers and cars and trucks and crews get settled at the most famous campsite in the world:

Big truck, keeps what it’s colour promisses

A pretty Porsche 910: on a Campingsite!

Our camping neighbours, at least for the first couple of hours during that day,as the place would fill up later.

Look at what they’re unloading opposite us. Beautiful!

Here comes most beautiful Ferrari ever!
Isn’t this just amazing?
What a sight, and trucks keep on arriving:
What a Show off!!!
Really!: what IS the little Multipla thinking it is!!!

Porsche 904 being unloaded and Alex, the photographer showing me what true Photography means: fearlesseness!

Fed up with red? Here’s some blue….but does the Cobra belong to a french?

“Deutsch Bonnet“ resting under a tree, such pretty cars.

Rare “Panhard“, sitting around…

Perfect harmony

here as well!

A Dolls house revisited? No, we modern dolls are too spoiled to sleep like that.

And spoiled is, what the tools are, traveling in these stylish boxes.

Good german Bratwurst: delicious!!!

Got him!

My car has arrived: somehow the situation feels more serious now, as Pierre and his brother are putting on the number.
Day 2/3/4

Training and racing (and sweating!!!)
Paddock .Porsche 911, 2.5 l ST. Mine. And I have to race it. At Le Mans. Against:
Hard to believe? look here:

What I see when I look out of my left window, during pre-grid formation…..

..and looking out of the rear mirror

And this is what the spectators see (they are not as lucky as I am). Lee and I and GT 40.

True friends: it is unbelievably hot!

Starting position for us: not bad!

Before howling Howmet, turbine turboed, jetcar:

attracting crowds.

On Track..

with beautiful LOLA

Claudia waiting in the Pits

Discussing the set up of the car: the rear is to nervous and we drive like grandmothers in the Porsche corner.

God knows what they are looking for..

Drivers change, oil on the second chicane.

Watching another Plateau fly past: Maserati Birdcage.

Another Drivers change..

Myth Le Mans

Poldi Bayern does not believe me when I tell him that soon, very very soon I’ll be quicker than he is. His reply: he would have to live to 150, and still than it wouldn’t be very likely!

Half an hour later we help him push his car back to the paddocks.

Plateau 1 , Le Mans start

Off they go. Looks like King Barbars Country, but it’s extremley hard and courageous work!

Everybody loves this!

And there are thousands of everybodys at Le Mans Classic:

Hundreds of thousands of spectators!

But in a magical moment:

I manage to catch the P3 without anyone around it! Almost impossible!
I Love this car. When it overtakes you on track it feels like Brigitte Bardot dancing naked, just for you alone!
( Using a male effigy: to make it really clear for you, blokes!!!)

Final parking the car in the paddocks,Race finished, drivers and Car intact. Hurray!

Most fun “tender to“ vehicle.

No more posts till August now:
I need a holiday : my family wants to go to Venice: no cars, You see?
Au revoir planet Le Mans. An amazing dream come true.


  1. Congratulations for this great article, reflecting what magic LMC really is! Even though that I spend much more Time wrenching in The pits than driving on the track, I savored every minute at Le Mans Classic! See you there in 2012!

  2. Arneyb says:

    I give up ! If You were a boy I would have said You have the biggest balls ever.
    Fantastic photos. See You soon

  3. Alex says:

    You really managed to catch the atmosphere and the spirit of Le Mans. It was really an amazing and exhausting weekend, some kind of stimulus satiation. The good thing: only two years to wait, that’s much quicker than the next football world cup. I miss the “blower” pics:-)

  4. p.kilkenny says:

    Fantastic photo coverage of the Le Mans Classic!! Great idea for a blog too. The basics in life…….food and incredible cars! Looking forward to your food and 911 adventures!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Gabriele.

    What wonderful pictures and cars. This seemed to be an incredible weekend. Great!

    Food and cars what cool ingredients of life.



  6. Gabriele Spangenberg says:

    @Christophe:next time your car will surely last, or I hide you in the back of mine….Happy to hear you still enjoyed the weekend!
    @Arneyb: no balls, just love and passion… (but those probably take a lot of balls too),just like you in your bikeraces!
    @Alex: it will give us 2 years to see you on track competing!!!
    @p.kilkenny: Happy to meet another food and car Lover!!!
    @anonymous:THANK YOU!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am in LOVE with LM since I was 10 years old when I saw this Race on a black and white télévision . Teenager I waited the 24h the whole year and I made crosses on my calender to deduct the months…I have the GREAT happiness to realize my Kid dream (38 years later…)in Le Mans Classic , and I agree with G that “every….waiting” !!!
    I know at least one thing in the life : it’s true !!!

    Monsieur P

  8. Dear Monsieur P: your comment really made me think. Maybe I write the next Le Mans blog about you? What do YOU think?

  9. Louis Quiniou says:

    The Cobra up there belongs to a French ! Bernard Peruch, we managed to finish 2nd in grid 4 with it !

  10. Gabriele Spangenberg says:

    Ah! Congratulations!!!!!Blue suits the car very very well!It seems everything French in Motoring has great style!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Every Passion can exist only if we share it !
    Your blog is an illustration .

    If the way I have live (also today) my (our)passion have some interest , why not ?

    Monsieur P

  12. Monsieur P: I think your story is very interesting and I am sure you share your passion with many many other people!!!

  13. Arneyb says:

    Gaby, onca again looking at the photos I discovered Your (new ?) Kobold-helmet design.
    Show us in details, please !

  14. Gabriele Spangenberg says:

    Arne, at OGP! Designed by my Children… With flames!!!

  15. thomas Seydoux says:


    This must have been an amazing weekend! It seems that Le Mans Classic is just getting better and better just like your S/T! Marc told me I should have come and watch, and he was right….



  16. Dear Thomas. Yes please come! You will love iT! There is nothing better!

  17. Anonymous says:

    i haven’t been that jealous since blondie said that joey ramones was the sexiest man she could think of. but you surely deserve it!

    great photos, again.


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