Adac Bavaria Historic 2010: muß I denn, muß I denn zur Wertungsprüfung?

Bavaria est omnis divisa in partes Mille, quari tutti uncollunt “Wertungsprüfung“:
Bavaria is entirely divided in thousand parts, all of which are called “time Trials“…..Tragic.I took my 15 year old half Brother on his first Rally ever, and it almost became his last. Within three minutes after the start, we drove into our first time trial, immediately followed by a second, and by a third. I had NO Idea what was going on. And these were to be the first of hundreds of time trials. Virtually hundreds. Both him and I were traumatised within minutes.
Participation in the Bavaria Historic had been a gift from me to him in the hope that it would lure him eventually into dark automobile passion (Remember, I did the same with my Sister? Fiendish influence at dusk, keep your children off the road! )
And it almost backfired, had it not been for his utter utter brilliance as a Co-Pilot!
Naturally we had no Trip master, yet it amazed me every time how accurately he could guess distances (precise speedo in my car? are you joking?!).
Apart from hundreds of these time trials, a complicated road book, exhausting and long hours spend in an unfamiliar and old car, he also had to deal with a grumpy sister: me! Hooo I was soooooo fed up with driving in the rain! (first day)

Oh no! Not rain
again! Have I deserved this???
And I was disappointed with all the stop and go ( how can you flow, if they stop you constantly and make you count stupid seconds ??!!!), I was also a bit fed up with all the traffic on the roads, rendering a beautiful flowing line of old cars impossible. And I still have not understood, what counting seconds has got to do with Motor sports…
Sounds like a disaster?

This is what Bavarians drink BEFORE the start of the Rally: they think it’s food.
Some bavarian fans…
A lot actually…

and some not sooo bavarian… (A lot of those too! Never thought so many Integrale were still alive..)
Fierce looking, favourite of mine, Gordon Keeble
Almost, but it did not last long.
The second day we were let on the Salzburg ring, and there we had serious fun. I’m not going to tell you what car we overtook, because the Drivers will be embarrassed. But my brother and I know…… it still makes us smile with a look of knowing superiority on our face!
From that moment on the sun came out and Bavaria became the most beautiful place in the world again. (It has a Jekyll and Hide persona.: When the clouds hang deep you think heavens will tumble down on you, when the weather is fine your soul is singing. Strange Country this county.)
We even managed to find the fun in all the god damned time trials, developing theories, counting differently, going at different speeds and NOT improving one bit.

Mercedes rolling,counting seconds… I’m sure they were doing much better than us, Mercedes Drivers are good at this sort of thing. ooops. But they really are!!! No! it´s a compliment!

This is where we had Diner…

and this where we had lunch…
We had a beautiful and very fast Porsche 356 in front of us and Boy: he let the car fly!
Check out the guy at the time trial: Lederhosen everywhere!

The Bavaria Historic is quite a thing in Bavaria, with many Spectators on the road. Some of them obviously have more fun than others!
The Organisation was impeccable, the food fantastic, the place where we had lunch or Diner stunning and everything was dealt with in a prompt and unbureaucratic manner.
We managed to avoid all the speed traps (thanks to bro.)
The roads were beautiful and we were doubly lucky because we met the nicest and funniest group of Bavarian people, who call themselves “Scuderia Monaco“, who immediatly took us in and made us feel at home.(Great for my little big enough brother, who now knows what this Motor world is all about, as he was promptly exposed to blokes jokes ..)
Scuderia Monaco asked us to come back: a high honour for dependent (Bavaria is free, proud and independent, setting it apart from the rest of the country) low poor Prussian tourists like us!
If you like regulated regularity rallies, you must go! If you don’t like regulated regularity rallies you must still go! Ach, just go!!!


  1. DB says:

    “Ach, just go” Hmm… No flow !!! Lots of rain !!! Quadrillions of “historic” Audi Quattros… Mystirious / anonymous / embarassed / overtaken aka SLOW participants !!!

    This is what I love about meals and wheels: If the wheels aren´t so great (which unfortunately and luckily very rarely happens), the meals still are !!!!!!!!! Ach, let´s just go, Bavaria :-)

  2. DB says:

    … and luckily lots of traffic jams to get there :-)

  3. Max Kuypers says:

    I´m happy that we here in Bavaria did some development aid (I had to look up the phrase on”google”)for 2 very nice persons from the upper part of Germany-Gaby and Leo.Come back any time for any purpose and give us some development aid in “sheer driving pleasure”.

  4. Arneyb says:

    Time trials suck !
    But Bavaria rules ! You find the nicest people there, like I found my wife there.
    I once watched that event and I could only see nice cars coming to a checkpoint and thenleaving. Didnt look like too much fun.
    Lets get back to racing, OK ?

  5. mealsandwheels says:

    @DB: it was till GREAT, just different: yes, just go!
    @Max: Thank you again, and we will definetely come back for shee bavarian pleasure!!!!
    @Arne. Yes, racing is the best, but this was still fun. Lucky Bavarians, aren’t they?

  6. Helmut says:

    I heard the commentator in Maxlrain introducing your team and now I found your side.
    Excellent stuff, not just the pictures, the writing as well.
    I am looking forward to next year’s event when my Stag will be reliable enough to compete for 3 days. It would be a pleasure to meet you personally.
    All the best for your driving and cooking.


  7. Hello Helmut.Thank you for your Comment!!! I definetely hope we will meet next Year!!! If your Stag is not reliable enough, we will pull you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    While reading your blog, my day became sunnier! Thanks for sharing these ideas, pictures and emotions! It felt like beiing a co-pliot in your car… :-)

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