Spargelstrudel and „Frankfurter grüne Sauce“, which fell off the train in Cologne.

Have you asked yourself, how I will manage to strike a balance between the “Wheels“ part and the “meals“ part of my blog?
So have I!

Sitting in our beautiful garden on a glorious spring day, children fed, playing happily, husband fed and reading peacefully I am agonising over a smooth transition between the oily, glorious battles of the road and the blissful peace of home and hearth…

Let‘s just pretend we’re not here in this blog. Lets imagine we’re in a far away country, with sweeping hills, mountains even,comfortable coastal strands, clean rivers, far stretching fields, so lush and so green, so fertile with its mild summers and white winters. A Country abound with water, fertile soil, exiting seasonal variety and a wealth of agricultural produce, we mere humans can only dream of.

The gentle Inhabitants of this Country are either tall, blond, beautiful and boring, or they are not so tall, not really so blond and very funny, or they are good drivers, (there is also a variety called neighbours, a strange sort).

The roads are wide and perfect, no speed limit on the highways with everyone respecting the code of honour of the highway.
They all feel privileged to be living in this wonderful country and treat their produce and neighbours with respect and care.
Their most loved seasons is may, coming on like a blow of sensuality after their long winters.
In may they harvest things we have only heard of: White Asparagus, (not to be compared with our green dry sticks), crunchy, earthy strong stems, full of taste, needing only the lightest treatment, such as boiling or steaming. And the Abundance of tasty and healing herbs which have been cultivated since the middle ages in monasteries.

The Peoples in this country are so grateful to be living there that they would never do silly stuff like import mineral water from faraway counties, greatly appreciating their own close sources..
They have even formed a society to protect a Delicacy called “ Frankfurter grüne Sauce“ (Oh my, who is going to protect me from them now?!) to protect this great „passed on since generations“ recipe from misuse by people like- me.
The Combination of white Asparagus and Grüne Sauce is heavenly, well worth a Visit, to this beautiful and much appreciated Land, but for now I will give you a non authentic Cuddle muddle of the Cuisine of this far away fairytale country…


800 g white asparagus , peeled and wooden ends cut off
3 sheets filo pastry
10 leaves wild garlic
100 g butter molten
50 g parmesan, grated
salt and freshly cracked pepper
a pinch of sugar

“Frankfurter sauce, that fell off the train in Cologne to avoid mixing with strange elements such as borage “

200 g double cream, but you can try creme fraiche, or anything else which takes your fancy (Frankfurt is far away)
100g mixed, FRESH, herbs, chopped
2-3 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon mustard
lemon juice to taste
1 pinch of chilli
salt and freshly cracked pepper

Steam or boil the Asparagus for 4 minutes (not any longer!!). Dry. Preheat oven to 200 Degrees.
Lay one sheet of filo pastry onto a kitchen towel, coating it with the butter thinly and evenly. Do the same with the second sheet and the last sheet, spreading the butter followed by the parmesan and scatter the leaves of wild garlic so the form a nice pattern (or not..).

Lay the Asparagus down in a pile , adding salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar.
lifting the ends of the towel, roll all together so it forms a nice strudel, pressing the ends together, coating it with the rest of the butter. Place Strudel in the oven for 15-20 Minutes, until golden crusty- yummy brown.

Mix all the other ingredients together or process in a mixer.
Serve the strudel in nice Strudel slices, either hot or cold.

Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann fahren sie immer noch auf der linken Spur der Autobahn: die Blonden, die Witzigen, die Fahrer und ganz ganz sicher die Nachbarn!


  1. AlexM says:

    Delicious!!! Is there any chance to get subscription, maybe once a week, to taste your creations?
    Allow me just one point, it’s only a penny: As a nearly nativ Frankfurter, I don’t really like the idea to mix mayonaise in the “Grüne Soße”.
    It’s the same like ordering a Munich veal sausage after noon.
    Looking forward for the next wheels


  2. Dear Alex. That why the sauce fell off the train: to avoid arriving in Frankfurt and having to be a true “grüne“ Sauce…..
    You get a susbscr. any time!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    such a lovely story. Perfect pictures.Your county and may feels perfect and nearby….

  4. DB says:

    Haha… add me to the subscription list :-) I agree with Alex on the mayonaise point, though. And just had Asparagus with Grüner Soße two weeks ago in a wondeful beer- (not wine- !!!)garden in Sachsenhausen :-)

  5. Arneyb says:

    Yummy !
    But…while reading this romantic story about Your peaceful country and the delicious asparagus there was one little devil sitting on my right shoulder and whispering:
    “Take an old racecar…turn the ignition key…
    and rock the ring !!! Do it loud !”

  6. @anonymous.:this perfect country is sooooooo far away: schade…
    @DB:Beer gardens in Sachsenhausen??? Never trust those!!!
    @Arne:The little Devil was quiet all weekend, squashed under my chair!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i will go to oelkers’ spargelhof on friday and try those on my family this weekend aside with a young roebuck.
    a deidesheimer herrgottsacker is going to provide the neccessary side acceleration.

  8. amvakalo says:

    Now, I suppose the devil is back and got its right today at Spa. How did it go and did you have aspargus for lunch?

  9. Ich will auch auf die Liste!! :-))

  10. Sebastian says:

    Wunderbar, die Story wie der Strudel und die grüne Sauce bestimmt auch. Aber über Frankfurter Grüne Soße sollten wir noch mal reden.

  11. @Ben: how did your family take all this excellency?
    @mavakalo:The devil was driving at spa, in the rain..great!! No asparagus for lunch… I think they should cut excessive eating during trackdays anyway…
    @Ich weiß nicht genau, Christina ob Du wirklich auf diese Liste willst? Welche Kategorie denn? Nachbarn??????!!!
    @Sebastian: Goot sei Dank ist die Sauce ja schon vor Frankfurt vom Zug gestiegen, denn am Frankfurter Bahnhof stehen sie schon, mit Knüppeln schwerbewaffnet, die Mitglieder des Vereins zum Schutze der grünen Sauce….
    Sollte sie besser “Kölsche grüne Sauce” heißen?

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