“Autostammtisch” and what you miss when you don´t have one…

Have you heard of, or been to the „Technoclassica“ in Essen? A fair for everything which is desirable in classic car terms? No? Good!Don’t go!!! It is dangerous!
It will instantly spoil your character and fill you with unchristian greed. DON’T go. And please make sure that I will never go again too.
Because I went and I fell for it…
Where ever I went there was no way out of mechanical desire.
I am weak and feeble and I fell desperately in ”want it now“ and ”will love you for the rest of my life“ for at least 17 times : a just punishment for bragging and lying about not liking Boutiques and shoe shopping. I’m still drooling by the memory of it!
High time to hold our „ Autostammtisch“ this week and talk about which car Karl should buy and why and which car Hubertus should not buy and why, and the good and the bad on four wheels in general.
English readers do not know what “Stammtisch“ means and this is great shame, because it is a great thing! A ”Stammtisch” is a reserved table for regular guests in a favourite pub or dining place. The regulars are often united by a common interest or sport like bowling (excited yet?), darts or breeding sausage dogs.
The best thing about a ”Stammtisch” however, is the fact that the next morning nobody, really nobody remembers the rubbish you talked about the evening before!
Just right for us car lovers!
As our group has not so far met often enough we don’t have a table reserved for us and today we (? I !) cook ourselves.
So „Cooking for the boys“ (plus my sister who I am slowly luring into the vice of classical motoring, oh yeah Baby) it is for me, combined with the arrival of spring. The first herbs sprouting in the vegetable garden.
Cruelly cut, left crying, just to satisfy the greed of our human hunger.

 Perfect for an early spring Herb Tabuleh:

150 g Couscous
250-300 ml chicken stock
juice of 2 lemons
1 cucumber, cut into fine cubes
1 red onion, cut into tiny cubes
1 clove garlic thinly sliced
1 bunch flat- leaf parsley
1 bunch mint
1 bunch chives
all chopped roughly
1/4 tbsp ground cumin
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Mix the Tabuleh and the chicken stock, together with the lemon and stirr thouroghly with a fork so it doesn’t form lumps.
Mix in all the other ingredients and let rest for at least for half an hour to let the flavours infuse. (Tabuleh needs lots of Salt to bring out it’s delicious nutty taste, and lots of lemon to prevent it from tasting musty.)
We all love Tabuleh: you can throw in so many other things: raisins, pine nuts, any kind of herb or red and yellow peppers.
I make my own pepper mixture consiting of lots of black pepper, some Koriander and Anis seeds, which are ground at full speed in a Mixer.This way it’s freshly ground, keeps in a little jar for a week plus it’s fun to experiment with spices and peppers
The Quality and the Freshness of the Herbs are essential in this dish, I have a Herb garden and it is just the best to see all the plants grow agin after this long winter.

The other salad is a request from a someone who asked for my Radish Salad recipe.
It´s a Modification of a brilliant Radish Salad by Ytam Ottolenghi from the “Ottolenghi” cookbook, an absolute favourite!!!!
350 g small radishes, cut into 6 wedges each
1/2 red onion, very very finely sliced
2 tbsp chopped coriander
juice of two lemons
1 Bunch flat leaf-leaf parsley, coarsly chopped
3 tbsp Exra vergine Olive Oil
1 tbsp ground Cumin
“Tahini sauce”, alternatively: ground sesame seeds (mixer, yet again) and 1 tbsp sesame oil
Sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
plus whatever you have:
1 tin of white beans
300 g of green beans (Steamed or briefly blanched)
mange touts (Or anything you think will work)

Again: throw everything together and season to taste! Ytam Ottolenghi suggests eating it with pita, which sound delicious only we never have it at home, living in the black -bread-country (remember the black forest? huuuu). So try it with rye bread or just eat it as it comes!

And here comes the Quiz of the month: What is this?

This week its two recipes, as next week you won´t read anything new here: Kobold Racer and I will go on Tour: the Tour Auto!!!! Surely the most exciting Rallye in Europe, and here is why:

2000 road km full throttle through France, 10 special stages on closed roads and 5 race tracks, (don’t tell my husband) 5 Days 14 hours in the car, 17 Ferrari 250 Gt SWB, and 60 hours fireproof underwear (ufff). If the little KR holds on the road, you will find here an inside perspective on amazing cars and the story of TOUR AUTO 2010.

Here is a link you can watch meanwhile: http://www.optic2000.com/tour-auto/home
Keep your fingers crossed, remember it’s not just for me but also for the car.


  1. Arneyb says:

    Its so easy. The green thing is a pavian brain and you shouldnt have killed it.
    About “Stammtisch”: Always after having a Stammtisch (Porsche Nordschleife drivers) I think we should have this weekly. You can talk about Your stupid ideas for the future (such like having a ducktail on a 993, calling it “Horst”, finding out that there are so many 993 AND air cooled Ducati owners…) and You dont have to prove anything the next day.
    About the salad: hmm… just feed me, it will be tasty for sure. I am just a consumer.

  2. mealsandwheels says:

    Hey, Arne you´re very close to winning this quiz! I´m so proud of you!

    I think “Stammtisching” is soooo great!
    How many 993 AND Ducati owners are There?
    Crazy people.

  3. Arneyb says:

    well, to be honest it should be “air cooled Porsche and air cooled Ducati owners”
    there are
    -and approximately a dozen other guys I meet in Porsche web forums.
    And if You compare the characteristics of both , they are lightweighted, competitive, but usually not the most powerful ones. But fast of course.

  4. Arneyb says:

    and what will You serve me next weekend ?

  5. Fast, of course!
    Next weekend: nothing and an empty fridge! You will get a bag full of impressions!

  6. Anonymous says:

    deep frozen noodles.

  7. Hubertus says:

    The cous-cous was most delicious. Many thanks for disclosing the recipe.

  8. Dominik says:

    Someone says thank you for the recipe ;-)

    btw. count me in on the air cooled Porsche and air cooled Ducati owner thing :-) but not too long. MV is on its way :-)

  9. Arneyb says:

    MV Agusta !
    Giacomo Agostini !
    750 cc 4 Cylinder…
    not bad at all, but no Mike Hailwood Replica

  10. Whats a Mike Hailwood replica?

  11. We were looking for a blog address, a cross county motorcycle trip with a retired physician and his son who is a chef. Meals and Wheels sounded great. We found you had the address. It looks like you are have a wonderful time! Hope you will follow us at http://www.mealsandwheelsadventure.blogspot.com as we ride and eat our way across the USA.

  12. mealsandwheels says:

    That sounds exactly like my cup of tea! I´m loving it and will ceratinly follow you! Good luck, when are you off?

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